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  1. that is for a pin to hold the tire carrier open and the other is the holder for that pin
  2. 3500 is too high. i bought mine for 2300 it had 132k 92 5 speed SE no rust from Tulsa. it did require a timing belt change but non the less 3500 in my book is way to high
  3. cant remember what post it was at but i have this
  4. there should be just 2 bolts per bracket that er its a 2 piece. if you need a pic i can go find my others and take a pic. if i remember loosen the back bolt then remove the front bolt and it should just come off if you turn it. on each bracket
  5. guys i pickup this hard rubber sheet about 1 1/8 thick. it was free. i really have no use for that i can think of right now besides making bushings. the question is the strut rod bushings are about 1/16 longer (moog brand) would there be any hurt if i use that rubber?
  6. your link is --> This content is currently unavailable
  7. added this brush guard. yes i know there is a missing bar and the bottom brackets are far a part. it can't be helped until i get back to colorado where my tools are at.
  8. Not sure where to put this. These were passed a long to me from the guy i bought my struts from. Note from me: I removed the 3 bolts that hold the air filter for it to fit but it doesn't move around. Oh i think the shocks came from the rear door.
  9. from what ive heard it most likely the starter relay quoted from someone else
  10. stop posting pictures of my house lol na it isnt my house but very close. my is underground and just as secure
  11. nice someone close to me. cant wait for the pics
  12. well i dont think its old washer there was like this on my front ummm (brain fart) bushings there was these on both sides. i think its a cup to hold the shock bushings :\ makes sense to me.
  13. yea i like the manual trans on any vehicle. dad said i should be a truck driver because i love shifting gears so much lol

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