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  1. What about a half door? That way you can keep your door speakers .
  2. You have a lot of grey smoke on cold start ups? It could be that your glow plugs aren't warming up the pre chambers enough to ignite the diesel. Maybe your compression is too low making cold starts harder too. You could send your TD27 to me in the states and I'll trade you my VG30e for it.
  3. I think they'd be cool to build into a wheeler. That and an Amigo.
  4. and every time you order from them they send a long a page of Low Range stickers so you can advertise for them. They're a good company to deal with. I've order lots of parts from them for my Samurai.
  5. SkiBumBrian I love your KLR650 that looks like a KLX650. How many miles do your tires last?
  6. I'm going to change gears a little bit. The car I wish I never bought was a 1988 Subaru Justy. I spent a small fortune keeping that thing alive. Every other week something would break on it. For some reason it was a conversation starter. No matter where I took that thing everyone always had a story about one they used to have. My 1996 Nissan Hardbody I did sell it but not because I wanted to. Then one night in October 2004 this happened on the way home from work.... I sold it on ebay and some guy from Mexico drove up to PA and flat towed it back with a F150. Then I bought my 1995 Pathfinder in 2005 which I traded early 2006 towards the Frontier I have now. There was lots of other vehicles in between the 96 Hardbody and now.
  7. I took the time to look at my Pathfinder today. It seems like we all have the same problem. The connecting hose in between the fuel rails were the issue. It wasn't leaking but it looked damp.
  8. No one touched anything on this one. I was the first to get anything off of it. I don't think there is too much of a demand up here for WD21s anymore. They all rotted out from the excessive salt on they use on the roads in the winter.
  9. Sorry just to jump right in but here's our 2013 Jetta TDI. It's my fiancée's daily. Walking Dead fans might recognize where this pic was taken. My 2001 Frontier SC My daily driver 1992 Jetta turtle I mean turbo diesel. I don't have any other good pics of this car besides the pic of it from the day I got it. My Toy 88.5 Samurai which currently looks nothing like this because it's in 1000s of pieces in my garage.
  10. ^ x2 Aren't the VG30i's throttle body injection and not carbureted?
  11. Isn't just an O-ring that's in there?
  12. I didn't even think of that! Too bad I just got in from installing them.
  13. FSM is factory service manual. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now. Looks like you have your hands full. Good luck.
  14. Today was a good day for my Pathfinder. I went to you pull it junk yard, there happened to be 1995 Pathfinder with 195,xxx miles on it and bad case of frame rot. It was the only WD21 in the yard and look what it had. A set of Pacesetter headers, but unfortunately the crossover pipe was crushed. I had no complaints when they said $35.00 for the headers. And also some nice seats to replace my beat up ones and to finally get rid of those stupid seat covers that came with it. Note: I did not pretend I was driving around my dining room. I dropped the idea to my fiancée that they would look in the dining room. She said we need more than two.
  15. My 93 Pathy with 32" BFG MTs, auto trans, and auto hubs so far it's been pretty consistent at 12mpg, haven't had it out for any long trips yet. My supercharged 01 Frontier gets 14mpg 31.5ish" BFG MTs 5 speed and Warn hubs. I've gotten up to 17mpg a couple times on long highway trips. My first Pathfinder which was a 95 and 5 speed, I remember getting in the upper teens to low 20s.
  16. Yea that's what I figured. I just wanted to see what everyone else thought. Thanks for the input. I guess I'll be hitting up the Nissan dealer tomorrow.
  17. I think it's kind of funny that I too just started noticing the this too on cold start up but it goes away. I haven't had time to investigate it yet. I'm not too worried about it. I'll dig more into when I get sometime.
  18. This isn't a typical timing belt question. On my 01 Frontier the water pump has developed some play, it's not leaking yet. I did the timing belt 4 years ago at 106,000 miles, at the time I opted out of doing a new water pump. I guess that decision has come back to haunt me. This belt is 4 years old and has about 37,000 miles on it. Question is should I reuse this belt or replace it since I'll be in there?
  19. Try Remflex gaskets. You'd have to buy the material and make your own. They only list the exhaust manifold for the VG30.
  20. Rausch Creek is in Pennsylvania. Wow I thought I got a decent deal at $700 but $400 that's even better. I had to do some minor trimming to fit 32s. It was mostly to the fender flares. I did cut off some of the lower valance in the front too. What UCA's did you end up getting?
  21. I did lots of t bar cranking with 3 inch lift springs in the rear and I had to do some light trimming to fit 32x11.5x15s.
  22. My 93 has 133,193 miles on it as of today.
  23. I took it to work, changed the trans filter and fluid. I ordered ball joints and tie rod ends.
  24. I used to go to Rausch Creek at least once a month.
  25. If it's discontinued then junkyards are probably your best bet.

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