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  1. I am selling mine too....... Doesn't feel good but I'm moving out of the country and won't be able to take it with me. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/6266034455.html
  2. Mine looks like this. But you have a different year and different engine. I tried looking it up under rockauto.com for your year and couldn't find a section for it. I do have a guy who can diagnose your dying issue if youre still looking. Let me know if you would like his info.
  3. Ended up replacing the fuel pressure damper and my truck is working like a charm! Idling issues have all gone, acceleration has returned, no more engine rumble. $68 part from O Rielly's but was a specialty part so it had to be ordered and wasn't in store. Easy replacement. Since there is zero information on fuel pressure dampers on the internet, I'll give some from my findings. Description: Fuel Pressure Damper(NOT the same as fuel pressure regulator) - regulates fuel pressure in the fuel rail so that each injector spits out the right amount of fuel in each cylinder evenly. Located on inlet of fuel rail (outside the intake manifold, thank god). Symptoms of bad Fuel Pressure Damper: Smelling fuel from the engine or in cab. Misfire in random cylinders. Hard start (lots of kicks, no start). 1. Pull tube rubber tube off top nipple. 2. Unbolt 2x 10mm bolts holding the damper. 3. Loosen and unscrew tube ended (14mm and 17mm) 4. Take new damper and bolt on the 2x 10mm bolts on damper side. 5. Reconnect tube on top of damper. 6. Tighten tube end with 14mm and 17mm nuts. 7. Turn key to on position to engage fuel pump. 8. Start truck. Check damper for leakage. I will check back in a couple of days to see if my truck doesn't start acting up.
  4. Misfire seems to be constant now. Not as noticeable when moving since I still have 5 working cylinders. But now my truck won't stay alive during stops. The idle seems to jump 600-700 and then after a few seconds will die. Restart the truck and it will start with my foot on the gas and then will immediately drop to zero and die again. I now need to hold the gas to keep it going. Another diagnostics, they think it's the fuel pressure damper. This might be sending different fuel pressures to different chambers and might explain why I'm running rich and smelling fuel from the engine bay. I will be replacing this today but I have a feeling this is not my main issue.
  5. Not quite sure. I am experiencing a misfire/ idling issue. Idle seems a jumping from 600-700 at stops. And each time we test for the coil pack, it seems to working properly. When the cars on at a stop, it won't work properly....
  6. Just checking back in. Installed the IAC. Relearned the idle through obt2. Truck was idling really low immediately after. But after a couple days, the truck was running properly.
  7. I had a mechanic diagnose mine. He claims it's the IAC. I bought the part off rockauto.com for $89 and he's going to install it. Hes charging $150 for labor (1.5hrs of work). We will see if this is correct.
  8. How difficult is that trail? There's a lot of good wheeling in your area, ranging from doable to insanly hard. haha.
  9. I am experiencing this issue as well. I took it to an arrogant mechanic and he said to clean out the throttle body. It did help but happens every once in a while. Things I notice, it happens mostly when coming to a stop after a couple of seconds. More noticeable when in cold weather or start of my drive. But after driving around and the trucks warmed up, no issues what so ever.
  10. I have a 2001 LE with the turn knob 4x4. I have installed WARN manual hubs and have had no issues. It has improved my mpg and preserved my CVs. You can do this mod with no issues.
  11. I'm liking the new shoes! Coming together really nicely! Great work!
  12. I have been experiencing the same issue as well. I have no clue what it is. It didn't have the issue when I bought my truck but eventually appeared.
  13. No trail, no problem! I liked the celebratory revving at the end. Haha.

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