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  1. I just found this limit reset procedure. Haven't tried it yet I'm out running errands. I will try it when I get home and see if it works. http://nissanhelp.com/diy/pathfinder/projects/2001_2004_nissan_pathfinder_front_window_motor_reset_procedure.php
  2. My drivers side window goes up automatically. However when it reaches the top it immediately comes back down about a quarter of the way. Anyone know how to adjust this?
  3. Switched the drums out for the old ones and the problem went away. Only difference between the two are the new ones have counterweights installed on them. http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss22/Alex_Sniff/Mobile%20Uploads/20160825_141208_zpstpxjrcnw.jpg http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss22/Alex_Sniff/Mobile%20Uploads/20160825_141259_zpsxect1lmq.jpg
  4. Ill get a pic up later this afternoon. Kinda tired of messing with these drums tbh lol. Maybe there is a disc conversion kit out there somewhere.
  5. Brakes are operating better then before. Mainly because of the new shoes and drums. My concern is that the clicking noise is caused by something being overstressed during braking and that it may snap.
  6. Yep click-click-click. I adjusted the shoes out until the drum would not go on. Then i rotated the star wheel until i could get the drum on placing the shoes as close to the drum as possible. And no lines were harmed in the making of this task lol
  7. Oh and i did not grease any friction points
  8. I did both sides one at a time. You say that pic is the left side,my right side is exactly like that. If i gently press the brakes while moving there is no sound(it also doesnt stop the car lol) if im doing normal braking while driving it clicks rotationally(if that makes sense).I did notice a wave washer between the parking brake lever and the rear shoe that i didn't install. I tore it apart this morning installed the wave washer and it seems the sound has gotten louder. The parking brake doesn't make the sound. Inly when im using the brake pedal while driving
  9. So my 5 yr olds scooter wore out on him. I was changing my front and rear struts and needed a breaker bar. I chopped off the handle bars with my dremel and unscrewed the bottom of the scooter. Instant breaker bar. It's not super durable but it gets the job done. On the plus side all three of my kids have them and the wear out after about a year so got plenty of backups lol
  10. 2001 nissan pathfinder 3.5 LE 4X4 I replaced my drum brakes last week. Adjusted the star wheel. Hooked everything back up according to the manual. Yet on my right side i hear this horrible clicking noise. Ive torn it apart twice and can't see any noticable rub marks or anything loose or hanging. I'd really hate to take this to the dealer. Drum brakes are a pain in the ass but they are not complicated. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Oil was changed when i replaced the sensor and solenoid. I did that first hoping to have a quick fix lol.
  12. Well on that note prior to this mess with the P1136 code and my coilpack crapping out I had a LH bank FWD O2 sensor fault. This has disappeared after I erased the codes and it has not come back on yet. Could an O2 sensor being faulty cause my VTT sensor to get fowled up and go bad? The sensor when I removed it was pretty gunked up.
  13. Thanks Hawairish. That manual is nice. It did give me at least a path to go down. If it's the right one only time will tell lol. As I said before both the left hand sensor and solenoid were replaced as well as my No1 Coil pack (different code for that one). Which put me back on the road. According to what you linked me to there are 2 crank shaft sensors, a camshaft sensor and the harness that may or may not be causing the problem. I'm going to go ahead and replace all the sensors and cross my fingers on the harness. I hear wire harness and I cringe a bit . I'll post again whenever I can get this done. For now I'll have to wait for payday.
  14. I have just recently replaced my vvt solenoid and sensor on the LH bank (drivers side)to fix my p1136 fault. Today i have a p1135 code. Which my haynes manual is telling me it is a variable valve timing control system malfunction. Not sure where to start on this. I would have thought changing the other 2 components would fix that system. Any help is greatly appreciated. Trucks got 123k miles on it and it seems its starting to slowly fall apart on me.

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