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  1. Great Find!!! Did you use one of the super affordable exhaust kits online (I think they are made by Bosal) ?
  2. I disagree, I went with a Magnaflow, a bit of a drone, Great Sound. Had to increase my HP from 171 to 171.5 minimum! Had a shop run a new pipe after the muffler with no resonator. It did feel like it added some power but who knows... MPG I would say is the same, dismal... If you want the model no. I can look for the receipt.
  3. All the parts I have ordered from Rob have been Super Quick!!! ferrari, did you ever find the clunk? Almost positive mine was from sway bar link. Also replaced control arms, balljoints, inner and outer tie rods, front swaybar bushings. All other parts pretty loose.
  4. Pretty sure the clunk is sway bar link drivers side. Hope to replace soon. Trying to gather up all the parts I want to replace on the front suspension. Front control arm bushings looked cracked, need to see if I can replace bushings only. Entire control arm is quite pricey and doesnt appear to include balljoints....
  5. I had thought my lower MPG was caused by bank 2 sensor 2 post cat drivers side. I was told by mechanic it has no effect on MPG. Ended up replacing to pass emissions anyway. No change on MPG.
  6. Part no.? Sounds like a nice upgrade, never knew they existed.
  7. Very cool shoes, thought I had the Path where I wanted it (have another SUV thats lifted).... After seeing alot more lifted R50's on here than when I joined the site, I am starting to think otherwise. So many options, so little funds...
  8. WoW found receipt, purchased in 2001! It was $120 and $9 shipping directly from Jim Wolf. Here is a pic of it installed with Spectre intake parts. (note the filters are now blue, originally they were red) http://grnmachine.shutterfly.com/95
  9. I purchased mine directly from jim wolf technology: http://jimwolftechnology.com/customer_results.asp
  10. Not familiar with these, are they a 3rd coil spring lift option?
  11. Filter may be similar, you would still need the "aluminum venturi" to connect it. They claim that is where you get the largest performance gain via "venturi theory". Not an engineer, would like to see dyno's before and after etc, but I will say it is a nicely made design.
  12. Yeah, I dig mine also. Have read about using too much oil, potential to destroy MAF. Not sure how common that is considering how many open air oil filters are on the market now. Hey silva, any chance you still have those running boards??
  13. Used to use Courtesy, they were always good to deal with and alot cheaper than local.... then I found Rob thru this website. Prices are better, shipping is faster, AND you cant beat the info and being able to talk with someone who cares and has ALOT of info when it comes to Pathfinders!! Re: balljoints, Moog used to be the stuff, keep hearing about their quality decline. Have them on my other SUV, probably installed 3 or 4 years ago. I like the fact I can grease them! Will have to check out other recommendations on the site. And on the other hand, dont see how you can go wrong with OEM either, mine have lasted almost 14 years now! And with sealed you dont have to grease them.... Hmmmmmmm
  14. Couldnt be happier with the sound of the Magnaflow I had installed. Even went so far as to bring my other SUV with a Flowmaster Force II Catback to the owner of the muffler shop to see if he could swap out muffler with a Magnaflow. Magnaflow has lifetime warranty as well. It does have a drone in the cabin though which can be annoying to some. Re: mileage, cant say I noticed any increase with it. And I dont think I get any better gas mileage than you do. I stopped checking it. Dont have a scan-gauge, sure interested in one. Been using something called the paper, pencil, calculator, reset odeometer method at fill-up... And re: O2 sensors, I would definitely go with Bosch or NTK as already stated. They are plug and play/no splicing. For whatever reason, I had thought NTK were OEM (maybe got confused with NGK plugs (same company), and KYB shocks etc, too many 3 letter names... Anyway, best price at the time was Amazon. Spent way too many hours replacing post cat drivers side to find out it was a Bosch (as already stated). May have to look into the fronts as suggested also. Gas Prices going back up again, close to $4 a gallon.

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