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  1. New ball joints and wheel bearings! what a differencethat made!!

  2. Just got three this whole mess and followed alkorahils advice and used my compressor to blow out all the @!*% charcoal out of my lines and had to replace one. All good for over 500 miles on and off road and no ses light. Passed emissions for my state as well
  3. Bosch premium filter and mobile 1 full syn for the past 10 years
  4. Just finished a bunch of work on the ol girl, both cv axles, front and rear stabilizer bar links bearings and evap system, charcole canister/purge valves ect. truck hasnt run this well in the 10 years ive had it! Finally no SES light

  5. My light used to always be on weather in 4 hi or lo but now for some reason when I shift into 4 hi or low the indicator light no longer comes on...any thoughts?
  6. Let us know I'm struggling with this right now as well
  7. I am interested in the roof rails and cross bars that go with them...cant find them anywhere so it be great to get them...shipping is 07480 let me know Thanks, Sean
  8. I have some that are brand new that I bought for mine and never used them they have sat in my work shed and I'd sell em if ya want
  9. I have used duplicolor bed liner with Kevlar with excellent results here in the tough north east USA with the salt. No problems at all. There is prep work tho and I did a few extra coats. Just my experience tho. Hope it helps up there In the great north
  10. Great news!! I'm glad it worked out for you as well as it did for me
  11. I hope it turns out ok man I'd hate to see the truck go
  12. Cruiser parts.net there out of New Hampshire. If you go to there catalog and click the link on the left under manufactures we carry you'll see iron man and then go from there
  13. That spare sticks out way to far in my opinion for 600 bucks. I'll look forward to seeing the bumper build. Hope it works out and ya like it bro!
  14. 265/75r16 is 32?? Every where I look there less than 31 about 30.7
  15. I have two of the same exact light only round on the grill and the light bar on the roof. There incredibly bright and durable for sure. Had mine under water and in deep snow no problem. Enjoy!
  16. replaced the clutch, and had the tranny rebuilt, all new synthetic fluids and bearings...it wasnt cheap but i plan on keeping this vehicle for a while so it was worth it for me personally
  17. is your pathfinder lifted at all? that could effect how tall tires you could clear...

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