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    1997 red pathy, My first rig, 2 inch AC lift, dynapro A/T 31's, Custom front bumper and the "Missing Link" mod
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    My pathfinder, My Dads Xterra, schooling of course, guns, and the outdoors

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  1. I don't, Im sorry dude. Id say google some places and see if you can find any good review on places around you. even angies list maybe see if they have anything
  2. Shes lookin good just gotta get some bigger tires now! and question what intake is that?? and ha ha I have the same rims you do!
  3. ha Mines post to be burgundy, or at least thats what my title and registration say its post to be
  4. yeah for the price it wasnt bad and I havent had any problems with it.
  5. Hey steeevo could you do us R50 guys a favor and make a set of headers designed for our 3.3s and 3.5s please?? ha ha
  6. ok buddy im very glad you chose the wheels and tires its the better choice. It will make a huge difference with how your rig looks and how it rides on road and off road. one thing that I have learned though is as far as rubbing and trimming will go it will vary for everyone. Your not gonna know how bad it will be until you get them on. like on mine everyone told me I was gonna have to do some trimming to fit my 31's but mine barely even rubbed. Only when I was at full lock was when then even touched anything and it was just the plastic part of the fender. this is what mine looked like when I first got my tires hankook dynapro all terrains 31x10.5 on daytona 51s 15 inch rims all from les schwab They worked great to I was keeping up with my buddies and their lifted grand cherokees whenever we went out And when time came and I was able to purchase my 2 inch ac lift it just added to the capability of the ring and all my rubbing went away
  7. The guys down at z1 motorsports have been building this 300zx forever and it is my dream car ha and then I remember that don't the older pathfinders have virtually the same 3.0 v6 in them ha ha [media=] [/media]
  8. or a pathy or whatever that has the QD32T,or the SD33T and there trannys?
  9. Do you guys know of any pathys up there that are for sale that have the td27 or any junk yards that have the motor and trany for sale?
  10. we need to find out who is all in utah and what areas so we can attempt to go out on a run to the mountains or the desert. So reply with where your from and if you would want to go out on a run with some good ol npora guys
  11. Did you guys ever find out about gettin some diesel motors in????? cause it would be awesome to get one
  12. Did you have fun getting your stock bumper off?? and how did you mount the bumper to the frame?
  13. I shoot with a Canon Rebel XS, and the reason for the oversaturation is cause I got photoshop elements a little while back and I just took it a little far on the color and saturation..... They still turned out good though so I don't mind to much.
  14. Took a few of my friends out for a ride yesterday. We went up to Bountiful peak so I could get some great pictures and well I did get some really good pics! With the new front bumper and the AC lift on it ran like a champ, the back end was rattling around a bit but thats cause its so firm with the shocks and springs (and the fact I didn't air down my tires).

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