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    87 pathfinder, Axles: F/R full width HPD44 5.38:1 / Ford 9" 5.37:1 Suspension: F/R Ford radius arm with wristed radius arm 5.5" wild horse rock crawlers coils / Custom Triangulated 4 link 3.5" wild horse rock crawler coils. Traction aids: F/R detroit / spool Wheels & tires Chrome rock crawlers with 36x12.5x15 SS TSL's Extras: 3" body lift, bumpin stereo, custom bumpers, hand throttle, custom paint (rustoleum yellow) Comming soon: custom spare tire carier inside,
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  1. Thats exactly what mine did when the fuel pump packed it in. have fun
  2. Bush pig. over weight and underpowered. I even have the licence plate.
  3. You can use the stock pathfinder steering box. No worries. Been running mine for 8 years on 38's
  4. ok, cool. you should be ok then. however, if you want to run any larger than a 33" tire, your not going to have enough gear.. example. to get back to stock ratio with 36" tires, you need to go to 5.38:1
  5. question, I assume your asking this to do a SAS. what tires you running?
  6. In addtion, with the old fords, quite often you saw a STOCK 9" and D44 combo of 3.5:1 and 3.55:1. this is .05 in actual ration difference, with what you are talking about is only . 06. (4.56-4.62)
  7. you guys are not correct. the difference is only. .98%. up to 1.5 % is acceptable. for example, Ford gears. Front Dana 44- 5.38, closest matching gear 5.43 (for the ford 9" in the rear). This has been done for YEARS. I used to run it in my rig. Run it.
  8. for doing sheet metal that would be fine. if your going to do any "fab work" you need a 220 machine, but don't get a stick welder if your doing sheet metal and just learning.. VERY difficult.
  9. hahah, you have no idea.. i beat on my stuff HARD.
  10. called Ruff country and asked where the hell my heim joints are. that is all.
  11. you can put 4 quarts in these pigs with no issues. when i change my oil, it gets 4 quarts. when i have oil pressure i worry, cuase i never do.. the sending unit is bad. if your lifters were not tapping, don't worry about it. i bet its a sending unit with a loose wire.
  12. you can do a cheap SAS with waggy front for close to the same price as a IFS lift.
  13. they are not even bolts, they are screws on the valve cover.. they come loose all the time, just snug them up.

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