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  1. If it has an even more refined engine, good ground clearance, and good independent suspension, count me in. Oh, I still have to have perfectly fold-flat seats though.
  2. Those are the horns I should have put on. I may be interested in selling them. I was just keeping them as a "backup". I'm not sure how much they will cost to ship though- they seem heavy. If you make me a decent offer, I will look into shipping and let you know what it will be. Fedex seems to be the cheapest so I'll check with them first.
  3. Counter-clockwise- 100%. I have never loosened something by going clockwise except for bike pedals on the left side, I believe.
  4. Yeah, it is behind your glovebox but follow directions. I didn't do it myself but I think you only take the glovebox lid off- your manual should have that in it. It was really dirty and clogged up like crazy. There was no way much air was flowing through that thing.
  5. Don't replace your stock shocks unless you have a lot of miles on them. I actually switched back to stock and like the ride much better. The Emu shocks, while tough enough, are a bit too stiff and bouncy over smal bumps. I like the way the truck absorbs road imperfections while still being stiffer than stock due to the Emu springs. The stock shocks do a better job of controlling the springs.
  6. Well, I switched back to the stock shocks and kept everything else as-is (Emu Springs and KYB struts). I actually like the ride better. The back is not as skittish over small bumps and I guess that is becausue the shocks have more "give" to them. I think I'll keep this setup for a while. The Pathy seemed to be a bit too jumpy over bumps and it felt like I wasn't getting much shock absorption but that's just me. I'll see how this goes and switch back if needed. Anyway, I had the headlights bulbs replaced with the Vision Plus bulbs- definitely more light on the road- fog lamps too and they are brighter than stock. I also had two Fiamm horns (Freeway Blaster)s put in. The high/low combo sounds very cool and is louder than stock though not crazy loud like I had hoped for The sound is cool too- almost Cadillac-like (in a good way). I also had the in-cabin filter replaced and lemme tell ya- that thing was gross. I didn't realize that I had one and it was WAY overdue. Maybe I'll put an air horn in this summer- I like loud horns. It works wonders on soccer moms who are putting on makeup or talking on the phone and forget to go at a green light. One shreik of that and you get a priceless jump and makeup all over the place -bounce-
  7. He may have $10,000 of drug money in the glove compartment.
  8. I've been in Denver for a year but I'm moving back to Kansas City in two weeks (don't ask- long story ) I LOVE Colorado- I've been to so many places and Colorado is the best option if you love the outdoors, the mountains, and a state that thrives on building trails for wheelers, hikers, bikers, and whoever else. I have become a moutain biking fool here but you can't help it. The trails in the Front Range are stunning. Anyway, I have a feeling I will be back before long and when I do, I'm staying for good
  9. With the OME springs all the way around (Medium), my back end sits just slightly higher (good for highway stability ) but not by much at all. I hardly notice it and when i am going somewhere, it's normally with the dog and hear or bikes and gear. Once I get a couple of hunderd lbs, it sits completely level- same thing with one or two people in back. I have no problem with it. The Pathy handles so well now and seriously, I can't tell unless I look at it and really start thinking about it. Hmm...maybe the back is setttling a bit with my fat Boxer back there all the time.
  10. I have the OME setup as well and love it. The truck handles much better now. I have KYB GR2 struts since OME didn't make them a year ago- do they make struts now? The rear is a little stiff when the truck is empty and I don't really like that but I'm used to it and it only feels stiff on smallish, quick, bumps. With a full load, it is great though and nice on the highway as well. It actually raised my truck because of a lack of sag as in the stock springs.
  11. Well, I like the idea of protecting the back from little fender benders but is it substantial enough? Anyway, I currently have a hitch mounted bike rack on. I have it on because I mountain bike a lot; not for show. Anyway, I suppose on a center impact, it would spear though a foot of someone's vehicle before they actually touched my bumper. That's what I worry about in crazy highway traffic- that someone behind me will rear-end me. I always keep enough distance in front but I notice most people come up pretty close behind me, especially women. At 70 mph, a car length is never enough and I often have my Boxer in the back so it worries me or I would just be happy letting them eat my bike rack.
  12. Well, I used the Amsoil SDF 20 filter that I used on my Accord. It fits just fine so if you use it, make sure the gasket size is in fact the same and you should be fine. If I continue to use these tiny filters, I'm going to stick with the Mobil 1 or Nissan filter. I have a feeling they are both good though I would like to cut open the Nissan one to compare it to the Mobil 1 construction- or send a Nissan filter to that Oil Filter test guy.
  13. I tried to go offroading with those guys once. They said it was just an X affair and maybe next time. Maybe they use the words "affair" and "fierce" too much for my liking anyway
  14. Hey guys, the Mobil 1 and Nissan filters for my 2002 Pathy are tiny. So is the Amsoil filter- they all say it will not fit otherwise. Anyway, so I took a leftover Amsoil filter for the Accord I had and the gasket size is the same so I threw it on. It is significantly bigger too- looks almost twice as big. I'm a bit worried so I am constantly checking my oil level and for oil leaks but no issues just yet. Was what I did a bad idea? Do you guys know why our stock filter is so small. I'm tempted to throw the Mobil 1 or Nissan filter back on since I am a Worry Wart when it comes to stuff like this. I over-anaalyze things till I ge a headache and have to just start watching the Man Show or UFC or the History Channel to get my mind off stuff
  15. Well, the Pep Boys trip was worthless. The crazy biatch on the phone told me they had the Phillips Vision Plus bulbs. After a 35 minute drive, I found that all they had was some generic crap and Hella bulbs. Argh!! Autozone doesn't carry them either. Anyway, I think the 9003s are also called the H4s on the Brit bulb sites- any idea if this is correct? If so, I'll just order the bulbs online and be done with it.
  16. I see 9005/9006/H3/H4/H7 but at least on the Powerbulbs site, I don't see any 9003s. I'll try the Phillips site. UPDATE: I found the 9003s on the Phillips site. I also found some dealers so I'll start calling. My silly taillight went out so I need to replace that and I figure I'll change the headlights while I'm at it.
  17. I'm looking to buy a spare set of headlight buls and really liked the Phillips Vision Plus I had on my Accord. Anyway, are the low beams separate bulbs from the high beams. Are the low beams H4 or H7? I think Powerbulbs in the UK carry these, among others types but I don't know which ones I need. Their website does not list any Pathy past 1999 or 2000. Thanks for the help, guys.
  18. I never thought it would happen but I'm thinking of trading mine in or selling it and buying a Subaru Outback XT.
  19. I have the Yakima Load Warrior. It's pretty tough. One of the guys in the X Club rolled his truck and that thing held up and kept the truck roof off the ground. I was looking atthe Thule but it isn't as nice and after I heard about the X Roll,I decided the Yak was a no-brainer. I got it at REI on a 20% off day for like $240 but they can be had for around that on Ebay as well.
  20. I'm not sure. What I do know is that the diameter is 30.5- pretty sure that's in inches. Again, the size is 245-75-16. That is from the Revo spec sheet I downloaded. Does that help?
  21. That's terrible! Reminds me of one time these guys broke into my brand new MX-6 and I figured out who it was. I should not go into details here but after I walked into their apartment and we cahtted for a few, they all moved out by the end of the month. It was one of the best things I have done for the police department. I'm sorry to hear about this- it is almost a feeling of being violated- poor Pathy However, he held his own and warned you AND ran those pu$$y scumbags off- Good Pathy
  22. Well, my rear fender (top of the wheel well) sits 34.5 inches off the ground while my front fender sits 33.5 so there is a on-inch difference I don't care about. Both front sides are exactly the same so the drivers side does not sit lower than the passenger side. The wheel rub is reduced quite a bit now. I don't think I will do much else besides get Skidplates and Rocksliders. The Pathfinder handles really well- I found out when I hit an exit too hot yesterday. It was a 25mph and I had to pass a Trailblazer and a Pickup that didn't yield and get onto the exit (I'm usually not this stupid- I should have braked hard and got in behind them). By the time I hit the exit, I was doing 65 so I braked a bit and turned anyway. I could feel the Pathy wanting to move out sideways with all its sudden weight transfer but thanks to the OME springs and Revo tires, it held all the way through without even squealing the tires much. That I will not do again! I'm glad I wasn't in an XTerra or Tahoe- I would have probably rolled over. darn Denver drivers don't yield I just bought a Yakima Load Warrior as well- not sure why, except I can put my spare wheel on top- the 245-75-16 doesn't fit under the truck. Plus it looks cool

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