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  1. fleurys

    Window limit?

    here you go.. (You will need to remove the door panel.then...
  2. Thank you...but it seems that we just found our man with K9sar.. Discussions are already in process. Thank you for your interest !
  3. fleurys

    Fixer Upper

    Welcome !... For your abs issues, if you do not have obd2 reader that reads them, you can always revert to the manual way... here`s how to retrieve the abs code for your 2001 : SELF-DIAGNOSIS PROCEDURE NABR0097S02 1. Drive vehicle over 30 km/h (19 MPH) for at least one minute. 2. Turn ignition switch OFF. SBR665E 3. Ground terminal 9 of data link connector with a suitable harness. 4. Turn ignition switch ON while grounding terminal 9. Do not depress brake pedal. SBR676E 5. After 3.0 seconds, the warning lamp starts flashing to indicate the malfunction code No. (See NOTE.) 6. Verify the location of the malfunction with the malfunction code chart. Refer to BR-54. Then make the necessary repairs following the diagnostic procedures. 7. After the malfunctions are repaired, erase the malfunction codes stored in the control unit. Refer to BR-42. 8. Rerun the self-diagnostic results mode to verify that the malfunction codes have been erased. 9. Disconnect the check terminal from the ground. The self-diagnostic results mode is now complete. 10. Check warning lamp for deactivation after driving vehicle over 30 km/h (19 MPH) for at least one minute. 11. After making certain that warning lamp does not come on, test the ABS in a safe area to verify that it functions properly. NOTE: The indication terminates after 5 minutes. However, when the ignition switch is turned from OFF to ON, the indication starts flashing again. (BR-54) below Code No. (No. of warning lamp flashes) Malfunctioning part Reference Page 12 Self-diagnosis could not detect any malfunctions. — 17 H4 G sensor and circuit BR-65 18 H1 Sensor rotor BR-56 21 H1 Front right sensor (open-circuit) BR-56 22 H1 Front right sensor (short-circuit) BR-56 25 H1 Front left sensor (open-circuit) BR-56 26 H1 Front left sensor (short-circuit) BR-56 31 H1 Rear right sensor (open-circuit) BR-56 32 H1 Rear right sensor (short-circuit) BR-56 35 H1 Rear left sensor (open-circuit) BR-56 36 H1 Rear left sensor (short-circuit) BR-56 41 Actuator front right outlet solenoid valve BR-59 42 Actuator front right inlet solenoid valve BR-59 45 Actuator front left outlet solenoid valve BR-59 46 Actuator front left inlet solenoid valve BR-59 55 Actuator rear outlet solenoid valve BR-59 56 Actuator rear inlet solenoid valve BR-59 57 H2 Power supply (Low voltage) BR-63 61 H3 Actuator motor or motor relay BR-61 63 Solenoid valve relay BR-59 71 Control unit BR-68 ABS works frequently — BR-69 Unexpected pedal action — BR-69 Long stopping distance — BR-71 ABS does not work — BR-71 Pedal vibration and noise — BR-72 Warning lamp does not come on when ignition switch is turned ON. Fuse, warning lamp bulb or warning lamp circuit Control unit BR-73 Warning lamp stays on when ignition switch is turned ON. Control unit power supply circuit Warning lamp bulb circuit Control unit or control unit connector Solenoid valve relay stuck Power supply for solenoid valve relay coil BR-75 Vehicle vibrates excessively when ABS is operating. ABS control unit to TCM circuit BR-78 H1: If one or more wheels spin on a rough or slippery road for 40 seconds or more, the ABS warning lamp will illuminate. This does not indicate a malfunction. Only in the case of the short-circuit (Code Nos. 26, 22, 32 and 36), after repair the ABS warning lamp also illuminates when the ignition switch is turned ON. In this case, drive the vehicle at speeds greater than 30 km/h (19 MPH) for approximately 1 minute as specified in “SELF-DIAGNOSIS PROCEDURE”, BR-41. Check to ensure that the ABS warning lamp goes out while the vehicle is being driven. H2: The trouble code “57”, which refers to a low power supply voltage, does not indicate that the ABS control unit is malfunctioning. Do not replace the ABS control unit with a new one. BR-42 Below HOW TO ERASE SELF-DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS (MALFUNCTION CODES) NABR0097S04 1. Disconnect the check terminal from ground (ABS warning lamp will stay lit). 2. Within 12.5 seconds, ground the check terminal three times. Each terminal ground must last more than 1 second. The ABS warning lamp goes out after the erase operation has been completed. 3. Perform self-diagnosis again. Refer to BR-41. Only the startcode should appear, no malfunction codes.
  4. fleurys


    Welcome !
  5. unfortunately, no one has.... i'm starting to ask myself if there is any R51 owner that uses them to go off-road or has it just died with the r50 (pathfinder models I'm talking here)... I guess the next step is to go facebook, but I wanted to get someone here who is more implicated in the scene...
  6. fleurys

    Hey all! New here

    Welcome !
  7. fleurys

    Fan Coupling Rebuilding Help needed

    Yes... I let the thing rest inside a bath of metal rescue for 24 hours. That pretty much removed the rust but did not free the pin... I tried a few hits with the hammer...no go :-( So I decided to sacrifice it for the benefit of everyone here :-)... The circle in the middle is a thin steel plate that I removed with a screwdriver... simply pulling on it... looks like it was welded or something..not sure but it came out with little force. You can see on the picture the arm that is suppose to rotate and this aligns with the square opening to let the liquid go through... I tried rotating the pin from this side and it would not budge... ho well... time to find another... cheers.
  8. I am trying to rebuild my fan coupling. Part of the reason I think it is not working like it should is that the metal spring that contracts and expand was rusted solid. I have since remove the rust but the middle `pin`where the spring coils in, is not turning... I have tried with a pair of plier to force it to turn, but it won`t budge... I am under the impression that it should be turning when the coil expand due to heat. I have since open up the coupling and I am stuck there... I don`t want to force it more than I have to until I can find some info, hopefully, from someone that has some experience with this... I want to get to the other side of the expanding coil so I can unstuck the rotating pin that is connected to the coil.(This is what you see on the first pic)... how can I remove what you see ... is it pressed in, screwed in ??
  9. fleurys

    Thank You!

    LOL ! it is a nice place here...
  10. After being part of R50 pathfinder family for so many years, Sfcreation is now looking to enter the R51 Pathfinder one. We will soon bring to market our 1", 1.5" front spacers and our 1",2",3" rear spacers. Now since the R51 pathfinder is IFS and IRS, of course the real height of the lift will be greater than the height of the spacers. This is where you come into play ! 2 options are available: 1) If you have a pathfinder R51 and you live near my location (Ste-Catherine, QC), and willing to drive to it, You'll get the lift kit, and I'll install it with you! Reserve yourself a full day ! Measurements will also be taken for a full set of skidplates. 2) If you are good with tools and are not afraid to use them, I'll send you all the items of the lift kits. You will need to install them, send the pictures and you keep it all. All the spacers have been made using suspension items from an R51 (struts, coils), but now we need pictures and real life data about the height in order to finalize the new product introduction. If you are interessted, please contact me at (info @ sfcreation . com) and send me some pictures of your R51. I am looking for clean and very little (if any) rusted R51. This pathfinder will be immortalized on our web site, facebook page, etc.. so it needs to look good ! Je parle francais aussi.. donc aucun probleme avec ça ! Steve.
  11. fleurys

    New Member - 1998 R50

    Welcome !
  12. fleurys

    Coolant Leak

    if you can smell it, I would think it could be coming from the heater rad... I don't know the 3.3, but if they are easily accessible, I would try to bypass the heater rad simply by connecting the in and out hose. Then run it like this a few days and see if you are still losing coolant.... It could help you figure out where the leak is a bit... Cheers.
  13. Here Are our June-July-August Stars.. Congrats to the owners!! If you are interested in having your truck on our home web page, and that you bought our products, send your pictures as info@sfcreation.com... Keep them coming !!
  14. fleurys

    Just joined....from Southern Arizona

    Awesome pictures ... Welcome !
  15. fleurys

    Hi from Brazil!

    Welcome !

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