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  1. fleurys

    skid plates for R50

    wow !... This was some of my early ones.... This is great ! Looks like you wheeled your truck to places I used to go too !... Great pics ! S.
  2. fleurys

    skid plates for R50

    No we do not have them anymore. We used to have them in my first versions of the plates, but most customers were not willing to pay for the work involved. Cheers. S.
  3. fleurys

    Hello, newbie here

    Welcome !
  4. fleurys

    02 Sensor

    bank 1 is passenger, bank 2 driver. sensor 1 is before cat, sensor 2 after. I recently did both sensor 1 on my 2003. The driver side one is easy to do as you can easily see and touch it from the engine bay. The passenger side is simply a matter of luck in my opinion... I was unable to touch it with my hands so much it was down there... I got myself a set of o2 sensor sockets, and was able to reach it with 2 extensions and a lot of patience... Once the sensor was broke loose, I used the wire to unscrew it... Installation was reverse... Since I could not reach by hand the o2 sensor hole, I had to drop it from the extensions in the hole, then use the wire to start the threads and eventually torque it with the socket... it is very sketchy to do on the passenger side.. It helps to do it while the truck is still warm. Good luck
  5. Goo Good eye ! yes the last one is my now gone (due to rust) pathy. In that configuration, it was the AC coils..that was before I started the spacers company. Yes it was 265/75 and for the wheel spacers they were 1.25". Cheers.
  6. 2018 October - November-December. !
  7. fleurys

    From wreck to riches

    That's exactly the treatment I give to any new R50 I buy right off the bat... this will prevent any worries in the long run.. I might add one more thing... since you have a 2001, the IACV has a small rubber gasket that with time will crack and let coolant pass and possibly short the idle air control valve assembly. Once the IACV is fried, there's a super good chance it will fry your ecm.. I think it give a PO505 code or something... so since you will have everything in your hands, I would replace the IACV gasket.. It costs like 2-3$ and will save you probably 100 times this amount... I personally did it on my 2001. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=5642058&cc=1432945&jsn=379
  8. fleurys

    From wreck to riches

    The lower intake adds 4 bolts to remove..that's it... and from there you will be able to change your pcv valve... this is a known cause for oil consumption. (it fixed my oil issue on all 3 of mine....) So I say go for both.... (also, make sure to check your crossover hose for crankcase ventilation...make sure it is not clogged with caked oil... You will see it when the lower intake is removed also... Cheers.
  9. fleurys

    From wreck to riches

    I have now 3 R50's in my driveway.....so I know how to do this almost with my eyes closed.... I did it on all 3 of them and I was lucky...All the bolts and plate were there... You do not need a special tool, but one tool in particular will save you ALOT of time... It is a ratchet wrench with a head that pivots... I do not remember now if it was the 10mm or 12mm. You will need this to remove the 2 bolts that are attached to a bracket that is behind the lower intake... It is so near the firewall and you have to either take a very short wrench or use one that can pivot... I kid you not, on my first try, with the tools I had a the time (before I got the pivot wrench), it took me almost an hour to remove these 2 bolts.... with the special wrench....5 minutes.... here's what I am talking about... sorry for not remembering if it is 10 or 12.... (if you can afford it, buy both of them.. https://www.amazon.com/GearWrench-Flex-Head-Combination-Ratcheting-Wrench/dp/B0002SR058 Also, take this opportunity to change your pcv valve... it is right there on your left once the intakes are off... you won't regret this...
  10. fleurys

    new from argentina with r50

    Welcome ! (nice find)
  11. Super interesting... I am about to start the same kind of resto on my new acquisition... great pictures. tks !
  12. fleurys

    95 SE Rear Spring Leveling kit

    The spacer goes at the bottom and sits directly on the steel support. Remove any rubber. You need a stable platform for the spacer I cant help you for the tire question...i simply do not know. Sorry
  13. fleurys

    Greetings from SW Florida

    Welcome !
  14. fleurys

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome !

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