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  1. I already did the swap between a qx4 and pathy at the junkyard to solve this question for myself some time ago. Fenders are intchangeable. The hood, grill and head lamps are completely different. You'll need the hood, grill and lower metal trim under the grill to make it work. But FYI I know a shop that has a pair of terrano r3r projectors for sale. The qx4 style Jdm projector. If intrested let me know.
  2. 4"x3" clear lense corolla headlights, 3k bixenon hid kit, two hella 500s. I have two blazer fogs but not wired up right now. Think I'm going to pick up two more hella 500s and convert all my fogs to 3k hids.
  3. 4"x3" clear lense corolla headlights, 3k bixenon hid kit, two hella 500s. I have two blazer fogs but not wired up right now. Think I'm going to pick up two more hella 500s and convert all my fogs to 3k hids.
  4. So to bring this back up from the dead I was at the jy today and there was a qx4 and pathfinder. Both 98s. So I decided to try swapping parts to see what worked. First off the corner lights thou different are interchangeable. Both fit on each other fenders and both fit with each other headlights. A pathy hood will fit the qx4 if the grill is out. The grill is the only thing that makes the hood different. Headlights will swap between both trucks as well. Hope this helps some people out.
  5. I cut my stock exhaust off. It just dumps off the header. Sounds awesome on the vg. ESP when you drop a gear and give it.
  6. Truck was doing great in the mud. I just did a rookie mistake and stopped. And when I started going again I gave it way to much gas and it started sinking.
  7. If you look closely it's stuck in the middle of the field.
  8. Hey guys and girls. Some of you may know from post of ntc about how I got my truck stuck in some super sticky mud yesterday. Tried with a 4runner and a tundra but couldn't get it out. Spoke to a few guys and were looking to get a couple trucks together to help pull me out. Truck is sitting in the middle of a field in markham. It's off a paved road by la km and a gravel road by about 5-600 meters. If anyone would like to help that will be great. It will be happening on Sunday around noon in markham. Thanks everyone.
  9. Where did u get the 3rd row seats ? I've seen them on Australian ones but never on north American models
  10. I don't know if this is any different but being a previous cobalt ss owner I know all supercharged cobalts used the eaton m62 sc. Which is the same supercharger as the xterra/frontiers. Don't know if there is any difference between the one from the cobalt Abd the one on the xterra but I know there both m62s. I have one sitting in my storage unit I might toss on the pathfinder if I can figure out exactly what's needed
  11. I'd say it's cheaper to just buy a manual pathfinder and swap everything from that on to your pathfinder. I got lucky and found a super clean manual 3.3. But there are quite a few rusty manual pathfinders forsale in my area under $1500.
  12. Looks like the same one I got on my 98. Saved my hood when I took out a 4x4 traffic sign when I hit black ice. And it didn't even have a mark on it. So I guess it's decent. Thou a real bumper would be better. But honestly I think your truck looks cleaner without it.
  13. I'm actually not even sure. How can I tell ?
  14. Just a quick question how much did changing all the suspension parts run you. I have 300k on all my stock parts and I'm think when I do the sfd this spring I'll swap everything as well. Just want to ball park it.
  15. I know this is old but I'm wondering what I have as well. Chrome bumpers,4wd, sunroof , flares, cloth interior, manual, roof rack, no rear spoiler or rear tire carrier. Mime came with aftermarket wheels so I don't know if it had alloys before. I know it's not an le. So I'm wondering if it's se, xe or chilkoot. It's a canadian 1998.
  16. Yeah that's the one I was thinking about. Anyone know if it just bolted up of did he mod it ? And if so how much ?
  17. Funny thing I was on the xterra forms last night and was looking at this guys work and thinking. Anybody measure the distance of the bumper bumper mounts, the lengths and widths and cross reference them with the 1st gen xterra ? After seeing that someone took the r50 bumper and put it on there xterra it seems that they might be a lot closer to being the same in dimensions. I can't for the life of me remember who did it but the had a silver xterra I believe with the tag bumper without hoops. They had it on an r50 previously. If we could figure out who it was and what was done to make it fit maybe we could open up a lot more possible options for bumpers for us. Who knows. Maybe it bolts up. I doubt it but it might?
  18. If I'm not mistaken isn't there someone who had a tag bumper on an r50 and then put it on an xterra ?
  19. Thou this won't help but your qx4 looks sweet. What size tires are you running ?

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