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Odd vibration

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So recently I started to notice my 93 Pathfinder to have a vibration on Deceleration (slowdown) between 50-60 MPH. I did a little bit of looking underneath and couldn't see any obvious issues. I decided to take a peak at the rear drive shaft and notice an odd bit of play with the slip yoke to the output shaft in the transfer case. The way to describe the play was like the back and forth movement used to check for a bad wheel bearing. Has anyone else run into this before? I won't argue that with almost 300,000 miles it that the slip yoke could have some play as it should be a somewhat softer metal(not by much) that the output shaft of the transfer case.

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U joints are fine as I did check that. I was able to find a bushing for the tailshaft housing of the transfer case(just a question of when I can get it replaced). As for the vibration I got it narrowed down to the engine area and might have just found the problem without knowing it. Was about to start the New Mexico Back Country Discovery Route tomorrow and on my way to Alamosa tonight the Fan Clutch decided to fail in the locked up position with 20-25 miles to go. Thankfully a local auto parts store has one in stock that I'm getting in the morning. Yes it is aftermarket but it is better than nothing.

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