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Where the heck is the check engine light?


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Hey everyone, brand new member.  

I'll spare the details and get straight to the point....it's my son's 2010 with V6.  I can't figure out where the check engine light is.  I know all lights are supposed to come on when the key is turned on, but the CEL does not.  A "Service Engine Soon" light comes on, but that's it.  You know how you can see what lights are on the dash without them actually being lit?  Well, I looked all over the instrument cluster and don't see a CEL.  Am I blind?  This thing has to have a CEL, right?

Someone please help the new Pathfinder noob (I'm a Toyota 4Runner guy).

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20 hours ago, mikeru82 said:

Confirmed, "Service Engine Soon" is the same as a check engine light.

Add MIL, "Malfunction Indicator Lamp" to the verbiage.  CEL = SES = MIL.  Nissan uses MIL to describe their SES bulb.

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