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Weird electrical power loss Issue. (period and lasts for less than a second.) 2003 Path 3.5 LE 4WD

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Recently had alternator issue and since battery was 4-5 yrs old replaced at same time. (getting good voltage from battery and 14.1-5 from idle to 3k rpm)


Engine code P0420 showing and plan to replace the O2 sensors (but don't this this is the cause).


So periodically just cruising and not accelerating (mainly at freeway speeds), electricals power off for half a second then i get several lights tests on dash like when powering on. 


The engine power loss is not readily noticeable.


Ideas before i also change the cat and exhaust. 





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Does sound like a loose connection somewhere. Check battery terminals, fuse links. If the terminals are alright, try to work out which systems are affected when it acts up. Headlights? Radio? A group of affected circuits could lead you to a shared fuse/fuse link/ground. If it's losing everything at once, that points back at battery terminals or cables.


Can you make it act up by wiggling wires while the truck is parked?


And yeah, I doubt it's related to your P0420.

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Not driven at night so cannot confirm those, but the radio blips off/on, and also dash lights as if starting up. So I suspected and checked battery connection. Think need to double check the grounding connection though. Thx for confirming my thought that the P0420 is not the issue. I've reset the code and will see it returns and replace the Bank1 sensors if needed. (Have them on hand)

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