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Headlights not working right....


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I've already read in a couple of the threads that the headlight switch is very prone to failure. This morning, I fired off the Pathfinder for the first time since I got the brakes fixed (Still waiting on replacement parking brake shoes before I tear into the seals and bearings).


I made it a couple of feet out past the driveway, and I noticed I forgot my coffee. Turned around and got it. When I was walking back to the truck, I observed that one of my headlights is out. Both high and low beam. I thought, that's unusual, it's usually only one. When I got back in for my commute, the hi-beam indicator now remains lit regardless of the position it is in, and the one working light does toggle between the filaments.... :ar15:


I haven't done any actual troubleshooting past what I have described above and I looked at the bulb itself. It looks fine.... so.... Switch eh? At least these seem to be readily available...

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Ok, in the slight case that anyone was wondering what happened to all of this.... I bought and swapped out the switch with no changes. Knowing that there is almost nothing in the circuit aside from a switch, I looked around the wiring harness, looking for signs of mice and destruction. Nothing... I pulled the bulb that was out and then my high beam indications on the dash returned to normal. I just happened to have a spare bulb in my toolbox and popped it in. Ta-Da!!! everything is back to normal. Does anyone need a slightly used headlight switch now?


So, in retrospect, I recommend pulling the bulb first if this ever happens. Nothing seems to be typical with this thing 🤣

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