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Finally Giving up...


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Hello Everyone.


Its been a very, VERY, long time. My life's been so overwhelmingly hectic for the past 7 years I've had very little time for anything. Since I was last around, which was when I handled the A Pillar 3 Gauge Pod manufacturing group buy, I've renovated and sold a house, and moved 3 times. My 3 kids are getting so freaking big, 12, 11, and 9. I cannot express how quickly time seems to slip by while I just keep trying to catch up.  That being said, I've haven't touched the Pathfinder since I installed the Panhard drop down bracket I asked GrandpaX to fabricate.


Since the 2 Pathfinders, mine and the parts donor, weren't on my property and were 30 minutes away, working on it just fell off the map. It's time.... I'm going to have to let them go.


I figured I would post up here first to let you all know before I post up on Kijiji incase any of you wish to make an offer to get the goods I still have.  I'm not really sure if anyone has any interest but figured I'd post anyway. I'm not interested in parting anything out otherwise I'm stuck with stuff, so its for the whole lot. 


Whats for sale...



-ARB front bumper Modified for 3" Body Lift

-Custum Bender built rear Bumper. (Nicest rear end ive ever seen on a path.

-Rock sliders for 3" body lift

-Safari Snorkle

-Grassroots Centerlink, with modified idler arm and pitman arm. (Welded stiffening plates)

-Calmini Steering system

-Rough Country Control Arms

-Rancho 9000x 9 way adjustable shocks for use with a 3" suspension

-Rancho Steering Stabizer

-AC rear 3" coil Springs

-Energy Suspension coil spring seats (add a bit more lift)

-Warn Premium Manual Hubs

-Black Panther Skid Plates

-Modified Tire carrier with Locking Jerry can holder, High Lift Jack mount, and 10-12 ft whip antenna, and rear spot light. 

-idler arm brace

-3" body lift

-hardbody tranfer case shifter to be installed after body lift. (2" taller than pathfinder one so no trimming floor of pathfinder. )

-Panhard drop down bracket

-Moog Upper and Lower Ball joints, tie rods, and stabilizer bushing with ZERO km on them.

In fact, EVERYTHING "NEW" I installed has ZERO km on them. Just time has passed.

-3 Gauge Pod A Pillar

-Headers, can't recall if Nige had Thorley's or Pacesetters. They are still on Donor.


Some other stuff too. I can't recall what else.  For those of you who know me, you know I put a LOT of effort into whatever work I did. I always cleaned up everything I worked on and am very meticulous when I work. The Patbfinder itself has roughly 92000 Miles on the engine and Trans, the Rear Diff was a LSD model. And the Frame is in great shape. As many of you will remember, I imported the pathfinder from the states after looking for one with a solid frame. It hasn't seen a salty road in 9 years. Been sitting though. Haven't checked it thoroughly though for about 6 years so unsure of current condition.


The Donor Pathfinder has a running engine still. Can't recall the KM. Trans was still functional but I recall him saying it was needing some work soon. Donor has no rear axle. I had taken it off to take the Locker out of it but someone stole the entire Axle before I could install it. 


I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of things but its a start.


If anyone's interested,  here's a couple of threads related to the pathfinders. Panhard bracket was the last work I did on it.  Some stuff is missing from my build thread, the vehicles were broken into over the years. The new body lift is gone, but there's one on the Donor. Tyranny cooler gone, CB was ripped out, i'm not entirely sure what else, i need to go take stock.


I'm looking to get around 4k for the 2 vehicles and everything that goes with them. There's a lot of money in aftermarket parts here, and a solid vehicle to build on so I feel thats fair.


Let me know if you're interested.  Miss you all here Quite a bit. I've never been part of a better community of people... wish things weren't so crazy for me.




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Ya. I was just telling someone that Time is definitely the rarest commodity I have. I dont have time for interests that take very little time to enjoy even let alone spending countless hours on the Pathfinders. If I can't enjoy an interest on the toilet, then I dont have time for it. Thats the only free time I have these days.


I'll try and get photos up of components, and vehicles in current state, but need to drive to where they are and take pictures, then I'll upload them here.


But as it stands, I'm not parting them out guys. Sorry but I just can't. Not only do I not have the time to deal with that, but if i do, I'm left with stuff I can't get rid of so All or Nothing. 


Lots of great components though. Hell, buy them, take what you want and sell off what you don't and part them yourselves if you've got more time then I do and you're likely going to have a lot of these parts for free.

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I’m really sorry to be reading this. I’m probably the only other person in Ontario other than my friend who still has a wd21. Let me mull this over...

I’d still buy that calmini steering if you’d sell it to me ?.

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You're right about being rare. There's virtually none left in any of the wrecking yards in the whole Niagara region. The new wrecker model is keeping vehicles that are no more than 7-8 years old. They recycle them after that. In fact, I have a 06 Dodge 2500 and its considered a 3rd gen which spans to 08 with some parts extending into 09 and I call weekly several wreckers to find parts and there's NEVER anything available. Its annoying the borders are still closed too because I know sitting right across the bridge is like 100 of them in the yards there because the States keeps a huge variety of vehicles in their yards still.


All I can say is between these 2, and yours, you'd be able to keep things going for a LONG time.  Maybe the 2 of you can go in together and split the costs for toys? Just a thought.

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