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Hello everyone ? I siezed the engine in my 01 pathfinder. It has a 5 speed manual transmission and 4x4. I purchased a 96 pathfinder as a donor vehicle.. as the were both R50's. *?* I was wondering if there is anyway a person would be able to swap a VG33E onto a VQ35DE 5 speed manual transmission?  Or the best place to look for an Adapter-kit?

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Getting the engine to mate up with your trans is the least of your concerns. None of the power train management is compatible between a VG33 and VQ35. Can't think of much that will interchange on the engines either. They are completely different engines that honestly only have the same number of cylinders in common. You are better off just getting another VQ35 for your 01. Or I guess you can put your efforts and money into the 96, but it is your decision. 

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^What he said. Either build the '96 (assuming it's not a basketcase) and part out the '01, or sell the donor and find a VQ for the '01. Do your research before buying a VQ, there were some variations in the early years and I don't know how the cross-compatibility works there. Auto vs manual were different (I think that's just the intake manifold though), '03+ were e-throttle. They also have a reputation for burning oil, as I'm guessing you know given what happened to yours.


Swapping in the VG33 would be possible but a ton of work, mainly because, yeah, the electrical system. You'd have to swap pretty much the entire harness from the '96, which would mean gutting both vehicles. I don't know if you have smog inspections where you live, but I'd expect a title that says '01 and a computer that says '96 to let the smoke out of somebody's clipboard. The trans wouldn't be that hard, though, just find a WD22/D22/early R50 manual trans.

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