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Brake line driver side leaking help

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I usually just get my parts on ebay, rockauto, parts store or from donors. Never bought anything from a dealer except a valve cover for a 200sx


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Hoses are cheap and not that hard to do. A set of flare wrenches is nice to have for brakes--it's harder to round a fitting or bleeder with five points of contact rather than two with a standard box wrench. Also I picked up a tip from Youtube a while ago, which is to crack a bleeder, then push the brake pedal down and hold it there with something while you're working on hoses/calipers/lines. It basically blocks off the master cylinder so that the reservoir doesn't bleed fluid onto the floor the whole time you've got the system apart. I used a tripod between the brake pedal and the seat, but a stick and just pushing the seat forward on its track should work too. That way you're not rushing to get the job done before all the fluid drains out.


Also take a good look at your other brake hoses, especially if they're the same age as the one that failed.

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