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What happened to Courtesy Nissan Dallas Parts Site?


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Does anyone know what happened to Courtesy's part site?


I had been using them for at least 15 years. They were one of the first Nissan part sites that had incredible functionality to be able to do part searches, look at factory schematics, and link to the parts in the schematics to buy, and almost everything showed available (for differing lead times). Their reasonable prices coupled with the awesome website was the reason I used them exclusively for parts.


I knew they did a website "enhancement" several years ago. I had been fortunate not to need parts for a while, and the one time I did I knew the part number and searched directly for it. But I recently needed to find the part numbers for a couple items I didn't have and it was completely impossible to do on their site. The vehicle specific part schematics are gone, replaced with generic unhelpful part diagrams. The lists of parts tied to a diagram are incomplete compared to other sites and the system in the service manual, many of the parts show completely unavailable, and the ones that do I don't think show in stock at Courtesy or special order with lead times anymore.


The NissanUSA website is somewhat like what Courtesy used to have, but it is slower and clunkier



Nissan Parts Deal is very close to what Courtesy had, without the info about lead time



It is just sad and interesting that Courtesy was so innovative, and then for some reason walked away from it. Other company websites are getting better every year. Their old site maybe wasn't super pretty, but it would still be as good or better functionally than any site out there today. I actually live in South Dallas, but I can't say I see any advantage to using them for parts anymore. Online I'd give my business to a site that has the model specific schematics. And if I need something right now, I'll use a dealer in South Dallas or Arlington.


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Nissanpartsdeal.com and the official Nissan USA parts site are what I've resorted to for any amount of detailed parts specs these days. I wasn't a fan of Courtesy Parts' new website, either, but I still purchase from them regularly. Nissanparts.cc (Bruce Titus Nissan in Olympia) is another that I used to frequent for parts and especially cross-referencing, but they recently went with the same retail platform as CP.


Speaking from an IT perspective, you'll continue to see dealerships and other parts retailers shift over to retail platforms, like Revolution Parts (which Courtesy and Bruce Titus now use), because they offer outsourced inventory management. All the dealership has to do is provide some information, a couple logos, link their inventory software to the platform API (or migrate their data to the platform's database), and everything else (website, transactions, parts networks, IT, etc.) is handled externally. The platform takes in the order, and the dealership just fulfills it.


In doing so, they might lose access to better parts explosions and uncommon parts (like location-specific hardware), but they're more likely to clear the more-common maintenance parts sitting on shelves. Nissan offers a similar parts platform for dealers which is obviously far more comprehensive from a parts perspective, but very generic in terms of branding. There's probably also network support for non-stock inventory through Nissan, but the retail platforms are surely not without their own network of parts dealers.


Rob's dealership still uses the same data backend that Bruce Titus used to use. When you compare all three websites, it becomes very obvious the difference between supporting your own website with just a data backend vs. outsourcing a total inventory solution.

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I have always used Bruce Titus, mainly because they are local and friendly. Plus I drive past often when we go to town to go shopping. If it is not something I can find on the site, I call them and they can usually find it.


I find myself getting more aftermarket stuff now though.

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I've had great service from both BT and CP. Just this week, actually, CP was cool with refunding my shipping costs when I mentioned that UPS detoured my package through NJ on the way from TX to AZ, delaying delivery by a few days.


Also, discount code "nis10" at CP is good for 10% off. That's usually enough to cover most/all of shipping, and justification for me to stick with CP.

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