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Replacing the engine fan


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Just thought I'd do a write up on how to replace your fan.

So have a look at your fan first (obviously) If it's got cracks running right up along the center rim between the fan blades then it's time to start thinking about getting a new one.

Do a search for one via Ebay, or whatever works for you. Just make sure you order the correct size part.

To remove the old fan, you must remove the radiator. It's virtually impossible to get enough room in there to remove the 4 10mm bolts holding the fan.

Step 1 - remove the rock bash plate underneath. Usually held on with 3 10mm bolts at the front, 3 10mm bolts rear. Slide away to the back of the oil sump.


Step 2 - Looking up, unclip the bottom fan shroud piece. You might want to have the hood up and have a torch or work light for this part. The bottom fan shroud unclips by pushing in a plastic tab. There's one on each side of the fan shroud about halfway up.


Step 3 - Unbolt fan shroud. There should be 4 screws to undo, two on each side, top and bottom. On mine there was one screw missing, which was easily replaced. Phillips head screwdriver for this or you might have some other design of bolts holding it on. Use what you need to remove them. Bottom fan shroud just unclips and remove from underneath. Slide the top fan shroud up and out, being careful not to damage your rad fins.


Step 4 - Drain radiator. Get a big bucket and undo the drain at the bottom of the radiator. Usually it's a plastic screw plug. Some vehicles have a radiator drain hose attached to this drain plug, to make the draining less messy. Undo your radiator cap to get the coolant flowing out. Once you are satisfied it's finished, remove bucket out of the way out of the reach of animals and curious kids.


Step 5 - For auto trans owners - Grab your drain pan - you are loosening and removing the bottom trans hoses that go to the bottom tank of the radiator. You will loose a small amount of trans fluid, about a small glass worth.


Step 6 - Unbolt the two 10mm bolts that secure the radiator to the frame. I suggest for this step to have a big cardboard box, unfolded and on the floor so that when you pull the radiator up and out you have a spot for the radiator to sit because more trans fluid will leak out of the hoses. If you have any ear plugs you can use them to plug the lines and prevent a mess.


Step 7 - Finally you can remove the old fan. It's held on with 4 10mm bolts. If you look at your new fan it will give you an idea where the bolts are. They will be on pretty tight but not impossible to remove.


Step 8 - Now clean your hands so you don't get grease on your new fan. Install the fan and bolt it in. I installed the bolts finger tight all round then tightened them up with the rachet. They must be on tight but not Schwarzenegger strength. Stand back and admire the new fan.


Step 9 - Basically is reverse of everything. Install radiator, reattach bottom trans fluid hoses/rad hoses, install two top radiator bracket support screws and fan shroud. Refill coolant with the old coolant or brand new coolant if you have on hand. Add a bit of trans fluid too, measuring against what you lost. Don't put the old fluid back in, that will have dirt particles. Remember to recheck coolant level the next day.

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Pretty sure I was able to get the fan changed out on my 94 4x4 without having to take out the radiator, just the shroud. But then again, I seem to enjoy frustrating the crap out of myself by working in ridiculously tight spaces.


Nice write up.

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Well you the general rule of thumb with organs and other body parts.


If there are two or more - you can afford to lose one or two

If there is only one and it goes bad - remove it anyway - if its important it'll grow back.



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This is a month old but it's pretty easy to get the fan off with only removing the skid plate and lower shroud piece. Use a ratchet wrench and undo the bolts. Slide fan out bottom(might have to turn it to squeeze it out).It takes me a whole 5 minutes and no leaking fluids.

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I sometimes wish Nissan made the engine bay a little more 'user friendly' like how about having clips on the sides of the top fan shroud so you can just unclip the top. Or how about a quick release clamp for various things under the hood.

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