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Squeal/Whistle from engine bay


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Hey guys, e

I was on my way home this evening when I heard a rather loud low whistle/whine/squeal? from the engine bay. It seemed to occur first when running around 3000 RPM, but it quit doing so once I was off the interstate. Now it seems to do it every so often right around 2250 RPM. I added a 1/3 of a gallon of 50/50 antifreeze to the radiator and to the reserve tank. Took it out after letting it sit for about an hour and it whined just after startup when I started moving. It went away after I got rolling and it repeated again after I left the store.

I'll see what it does tomorrow but I'm curious as to what it could be. I'm certain it's going to be the water pump but I want to see what you guys thought.

Here's some details that may or may not be pertinent:
93 Pathfinder SE (5 speed)
Minor antifreeze leak dripping from the water pump area (I also think I might have put the T-Stat in upside down where the bleeder hole is on the bottom so this could be the source of the leak).


Let me know what you guys think. I would like to order a new pump soon if needed because I'm off work next week. I've got new belts on the way.

ALSO if anyone has done the E-Fan conversion, shoot me a message. I'd like to know how you did it. I'm looking for a junkyard solution/cheap solution to get the job done.

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So it is a whine, not a squeal but you couldn't narrow down the source?

What condition are the belts in? Are they tight or have they gotten wet?

Any coolant leak is a problem, but track down exactly where. Check around the hole in the bottom of the waterpump snout first. Thermostat up side down may affect burping the system, but it shouldn make it leak IIRC.



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Definitely does not sound like a belt squeal. Sounds more like a low pitched whine or low whistle. Definitely coming from the front of the engine bay. Belts are okay (alt belt is a little squeaky but I have 3 replacement belts already on the way!)

Finding the exact location of the coolant leak will probably come when I take the belts off. When I had the skid plate off I could see the coolant coming out of the lower timing cover off the crankshaft. Very slow leak but it does leak nonetheless.

I may just go ahead and shop a water pump tomorrow, I've got discounts from O'Reilly and NAPA as well as RockAuto. They seem pretty cheap, and I neglected replacing it when I did my Timing Belt because I wasn't sure if the Pathfinder would restart (T belt slipped and it wouldn't allow the engine to start up).

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Well apparently it seems the noise doesn't occur often (or at all) in the morning. Temps are down near freezing if that makes a difference. It isn't as bad now in the afternoon since I added coolant. So I'm wondering if it is just the water pump starting to go out? I'll check belts one by one to see if there's a problem there this weekend.


If I'm off work at a reasonable time today I'll play around with it to see if I can find the exact source of the sound. Again, the sound only seems to occur when the truck is at 2250 RPM or sometimes when shifting (when RPMs fall due to pushing clutch in and letting off the gas)

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So the whine is continuing, but everything on the vehicle seems to be okay. I think I'm going to order a new water pump just because, and I'll order a new idler pulley too as I think that's actually the source.

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