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Reversing and Turning


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Have a weird Issue with our 2005 Pathfinder

everything works fine in 2WD and in Auto, the problem occurs when the gearbox is in 4H mode...


When this is selected the car drives forward and turns no problem going forward


The problem comes about when reversing...it reverses in a straight line no problem, but when I turn, as to go and reverse park the vehicle stops moving and the engine just revs.... its only when turning and in 4H...


Anyone any ideas?





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When in 4H, is the differential locked? (i.e. do you see the yellow indicator on the dash in between the wheels? Not sure why the engine would just rev though. In any case, you shouldn't be using 4wd locked if it ain't reaaaalll slippery.

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This sounds like the transfer shift solenoid not fully engaging/disengaging or being fully in 4H.

The R51 uses an electronic solenoid on the back of the transfer case to engange, disengage and move the transfer case from one setting to the next.

It also uses two sensors (neutral and 4WD position) on the driver side of the transfer case to sense what postions the internal parts of the transmission are in and will disengage the 4WD if it thinks it is not in the correct position. (as stated above, the computer thinking it is being helpful) I would have all these parts and the harnesses/connectors to them looked at.

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