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Fuel Filler Tube Recall

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This recall is muched talked about. Just thought I would post up the quick details of the effected vehicles....







Campaign I.D. # R0705 and R0706


NHTSA# 07V-435


Applied Vehicles: 1997-2001 Pathfinder


APPLIED VINS: 1997: JN8AR05(**)VW 183818 - 193946

1998: JN8AR05(**)WW 210101 - 288805

1999: JN8AR0(***)XW 287118 - 389993

2000: JN8AR07(**)YW 395001 - 449806

2001: JN8(*)R0(***)1W 500001 - 617275



Now remember, this is for U.S. vehicles only. I dont have axcess to Canada or the rest of the world.


A last few details on the TSB says....


For vehicles identified by NNA records as registered in on of the "Non-Salt States", Nissan is advising owners of the following:


1. Their vehicle does not have to be repaird. However, at the owners request their Nissan dealer will inspect, and if necessary, replace the fuel

filler tube assembly with a new one.

2. They should contact their dealer if they notice fuel leakage when filling the gas tank.

3. If their Pathfinder was previously registered in on of the Salt States, or it is driven there often during the winter months, they may bring their vehicle to

their Nissan dealer to have the fuel filler tube inspected, and if necessary, replaced.


The number of Nissan vehicles potentially affected is approximately 274,500.

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The dealership inspected mine last week. I suppose this is still on.


They are replacing the rear hatch strut and bracket that has been recalled on Monday. I'm not sure I understood why.


Also they double checked my airbag module on the passenger side but mine was an unaffected Pathfinder for that recall.


My wife got some interested looks at the dealer rolling up in a lifted Pathfinder. Gave me an excuse to get some Trans D to flush and fill everything.

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