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Conquering Japan


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see any terranos over there?


Yup, but nothing overly modified. Mostly just bone-stock R50's with the hilarious, over-sized vent visors and whatnot. Nicest truck I saw was a heavily modified Land Cruiser in the countryside for New Years. Must've had a 6" lift and 35's at least, bumpers, snorkel, etc... Sweet-lookin' rig, needless to say. :aok:

The real head-turners are the JDM's and ultra-luxury imports. First time I saw an Enzo was in Shibuya, the guy was only 27 and it was a birthday gift from his dad. Also the first time I ever saw a Maybach, Vanquish V12, Gallardo Superleggera, and F430. It was pretty awesome and I probably left a drool trail around much of Tokyo.

Coolest car-related experience was in the Nara countryside watching midnight touge races. Nothing cooler than the sound of engines screaming and tires squeeling as it echoes of the mountainside!

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The main reason you don't see any overly modified rigs is the JCI inspections. It stands for Japanese cumpulsory insurance. It must be done every two years and the car has to basically be in the exact same condition as it came from the factory. If you do something such as a lift, you have to un-do it back to stock to get it to pass. There are *very* few Japanese people that even fix their own toilets let alone do vehicle mods.


I failed a JCI inspection with my Terrano because of my driver's side CV joint boot was cracked and had oil and dirt on it. I had to fix that in order to be able to pass and legally drive it.


I had a buddy with a Suzuki Jimny(samurai) that went through 3 JCI inspections during his time there. He had swapped in and out his 9in lift so many times that it only took him a few hours, but that was on a suzuki lol.

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Yeah, JCI is a strict process indeed. When I lived there I used to hear horror stories from friends with modded cars about how rigourous a process it was to get a vehicle passed.

It also explains why most people just sell their car and buy a new one once that two-year term is up.

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