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  1. Nissan 2 Toyota 0 lol hey guys, what the hell was i thinking getting a v8 5 speed black hsv enhanced commode with only 114,ooo on the clock? ...looking at getting another terrano soon. got my eye on one atm...why a terrano, been looking at other 4wds patrols landy (budget 7K) and i think these are a good car economy, size and enough power wise. tkae it easy! Jas
  2. lol, its the lift on the 4bys making me look small
  3. this is the only pic i got before the "challenge", had too much fun after this! terry run def sounds like fun....give us a bit of notice and we'll do this for sure. thanks
  4. went to the track on the north side of yanchep yesterday in the terrano and in the company of a 88 4runner with a new stock 2.0/chinese copy of original engine innit! good news terrano owners! if you know the area well, you'll know there are some fun hills to go over up there, the terrano just walked on up where as the 4runner had a bit of trouble getting up....but did make it....the proud owner of the 4runner which is my dad, even admitted that the terrano is pretty good! i was really impressed/relieved/happy too. at first when i looked at the hills i was coming across i was nervous/@!*%ting myself, especially when seeing the 4runner get stuck on one hill where it had two deep holes in the track... also tried the big hill that is at the end when you go through the fence - which i dont think your mean to go in but there was well over 10 cars had already gone through so i gave it a crack anyway...unfort. no good, maybe i didnt put the tyre pressure down enough, tho it was already down to 15 psi?... terrano 1 4runner 0 still want to see how she'll go on a beach tho
  5. hi there my problem is i have a oil leak coming out near the turbo (2.7 turbo diesel motor) is it just a case of getting a new gasket?
  6. I have a 2.7 diesel and I have the engine off, I don't cover anything and I just spray it with high pressure hose at the local car wash. Starts up fine, if anything it seems to go pretty good after a hose down. Maybe cos it's running cool?...coz I also hose the radiators.
  7. see any terranos over there?
  8. Yes I'll have to do that. For the rims I rang a place in Malaga and the guy quoted me around a hundred for each rim....i was thinking I could get new ones for around that price ($130?) ....
  9. forgot to mention that my terra has 240,000 on the clock. lol. I have taken it to Nissan to do a full service (expensive) cause if anyone is going to rip me off and come back and tell me this needs to be done and that needs to be done it will be this mob. Well they did ring me back and there were a few bits and pieces here and there but nothing major. After that was all sorted he rings me back and says theres some cosmetic work that needs to be done? Puhleez.
  10. Thanks guys. just added a bit more info to my first post ^

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