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Dash Rattle

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I have the most annoying dash rattle in the world. It's coming from the defroster vents area, but its not the actual plastic vent pieces. Has anyone else had a problem like this? im about ready to kill the thing. The rattle goes away when i turn on the air and put it to the defrost vents.

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ya im gunna take out the blower motor tomorrow probably, but it doesnt make sense that the rattle is up there by the windshield and not down by the blower motor. im thinking some punk passenger dropped a skittle or something in there.

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I have alot of rattles too caused by the tires at certain speeds. I shoved a rag in 1 spot inside the dash, and I have stuck little foam blocks in other spots. I have given up for the most part but when I get really bad ones, I work on them again.


Just today I was thinking to myself, how much nicer my pathy would ride and how much better the gas mileage would be, and how much better it would be on the interstate I it was stock again. F*** THAT!!!

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4x4le, do you have any pics or anything of where you put those little foam pads? anything would be greatly appreciated.

No, sorry, I didnt think to take any pictures. All I did, was have someone drive my truck aroud on bumpy back roads while I didasameled the dash and glove box and vents. I had some foam blocks I stole from work (I work in a factory making interior items for nissan) and stuck them in places to eliminate the rattles. I stuck my hands on the vents and the such when there were rattles and then put stuff in there to make them stop rattling. I put a wash cloth in 1 spot. The thing is, everything rattles again. I probable fixed the old rattles, but i think the rattles I have again are new. I think my rattles have to do with out of balance tires. They were balanced when I got them, but I think they need them again, I think Im going to but airsoft pellets in them so they will just be balanced and stay balenced. My pictures probable wouldnt help because our rattles are probable different.


Some places I know I put them are:

In the sun glasses holder to keep resistance on it when its shut

in the glovebox to keep resistance on it when its shut

under the windshield window pillar

and I think that the rag went under the tube that leads to the central vent and I think I accessed it through the glovebox. I think that I did something when I took the center plate off and stuck something under the center vents.

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Hey 4X4LE I worked in a tire shop and those pellets really don't work that well, I would just get your tire rebalanced Just have them recalabrate the balancer before they balance your tires.


Hey Alex the big-O in AF lets me balance my tires for free. sssh

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she dont want you to perform surgery from her....

Humm, I dunno about the pellets. I have heard just as many people say they work as Ive heard say they dont. If my tires go out of balance this quickly, Id rather not balance them at all, and if the pelets work I only have to do it once, if they dont, Im out a few $.

Maybe I should try marbles lol. No searously, how bout them?

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