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  1. Kinda going along with El Pathfindero's thread below, I was just wondering what you all carry in your rigs as far as recovery gear. Also, anyone use the no name shackles/straps listed in some auctions on ebay or are they something to stay away from. Thanks.
  2. Great choice on the new car. I love my 2000 Max. I've been a member on maxima.org for almost 5 years now, don't visit all that often anymore since it seems to have gone downhill over the past couple years. One of the more common issues to look for is the ignition coils, check the ones on the car and see if they have silver dots on them, this means they are the updated coils so you shouldn't have any problems. You will be glad you didn't get an auto too, mine has sucked since day 1 and its been serviced a couple times with little change in its performance. Anyways, good luck with the car, here's a recent picture of mine:
  3. Buddy of mine has the ravelco in his WRX. He swears by it and has had no issues with it so far. No one has stolen his car yet so I guess it works haha....
  4. Another vote for BlackPanther. Got my skids a few weeks back from Marcel, picked up his last Black 10GA Superskid kit and finally installed it last week, fitment is AWESOME. Only trouble I ran into during installation was the broken bolts from the factory splash guard which were a pain to extract. Tested them out this weekend and they worked great. I will have to get some pics up. Marcel is a great guy to deal with too, he was very patient with me and answered all my questions quickly. Only thing that sucks is the shipping cost since he's from Canada but oh well, its worth it. I'm glad I went with Black Panther.
  5. Yeah please share. I modified mine with the relays but I lost my auto off. I would love to know how you did it.
  6. Skids look great. I got Marcel's last set of 10G Black powdercoated skids waiting to be installed hehe. Probably throw em on in a few weeks when I do an oil change. I will have more time then since I will be done with school too. I've got 2 or 3 broken bolts to extract from the factory splash guard too since they broke. They look awesome quality though, can't wait to put them on. I will definitely post some pics.
  7. Heres what I use mostly. Exterior: Meguiars or 3M stuff. Interior: Lexol and Vinylex. Glass: Sprayway
  8. I keep the dryer sheets under the hood so rodents dont make that their homes under there and nibble on wires. Moth balls will work too, the dryer sheets smell better tho imo haha.
  9. I just use regular dino oil. Castrol GTX 5W-30 and Nissan filter every 3k. Same thing in my Maxima. I've thought about going synthetic, mainly in the max but eh, quality dino oil and filter changes every 3k is fine.
  10. What I do when I store my Maxima: - Full detail - Stock wheels - Oil change - Full tank of gas - Remove battery - Dryer sheets under the hood - Towel stuffed in the tailpipe - Car cover I think thats everything...
  11. I'll take 2 whites, is it possible to get them in silver? If so I'd take 2 silver, 2 white. BTW what kinda prices we talkin for these?
  12. I'm running OME Mediums all around, OME shocks, and the KYB struts. The ride is perfect imo. It is quite stiff, but I got used to it quickly and it makes the Pathy feel much more stable. The handling is much better and the off road performance is also much better. My rear sits a bit higher than the front, but it's not enough of a difference to bother me at all. I am very glad I went with the OME lift. I was thinking about trying those spacers from rockyroad just to get a little more lift up front. Herm if its not too much trouble could you post a pic of the spacers?
  13. I've got an '01 SE and my Mom has an '02 LE.
  14. I did it on my 01 yesterday. I ended up wiring them so the fogs can turn on without any other lights on. I used the position 1 wire on the fog relay, cut that and spliced a new piece of wire to the relay and tapped into the position 3 wire on the tail light relay. Only thing is the fogs dont turn off with the rest of the lights anymore when I shut the car off since they are completely independent and wired to the constant 12v source since I couldn't figure out which wire was just 12v when the parking lights were on....
  15. I ordered mine from RockyRoad July 19th. I called the order in and they told me they had the springs in stock but not the rear shocks so they had the shocks drop shipped from an ARB warehouse in Washington. I received everything in less than 2 weeks.
  16. I did this same method on my maxima (the wire colors were different). I've been wanting to do this to my pathy forever but can't find a good enough writeup on which wires to cut and tap on my 01 and don't have a tester. If someone wants to do this on their 01 or can use a tester to find out which wires to cut and tap I would greatly appreciate it. I think it may be easier to figure out which wire is the switch on the fog relay, then tap into the taillamp relay's hot wire because the tails come on with the parking lights.
  17. I used the OME medium coils front and back. Remember I also installed a nearly 1.5" taller tire at the same time...
  18. I just installed my KYB GR-2 Struts and OME Spring and Shocks yesterday along with a set of 265/70 Dueler AT Revo's and I LOVE it. I gained about 3" in the back and close to 2" up front with this combo over stock. The rear is a bit higher but it doesn't bother me at all. The ride is also alot better, which might mostly be due to the new tires as my old ones were beat but it swallows up holes and bumps alot better and rides alot tighter.
  19. hehe look what I got... I got the Revo's too sitting at my buddies shop waiting to be mounted. Just gotta get strut mounts and hopefully installing this weekend.
  20. Trialsin which shocks did you go with, medium or comfort?
  21. 265/70/16s on the stock wheels shouldn't give me any problems with the OME lift right? They should even be alright without a lift I think. From what I've read this size will also make my speedo more accurate than with the stock size tires. I think I may start ordering parts next week hehe
  22. I am thinking about the following setup on my 01 4WD SE, please let me know what you think and if anyone has a similar setup. Its basically the same setup as Project Pathfinder. I want to do the OME medium springs front and rear, OME medium rear shocks, KYB GR2 front struts, and a set of 265/70/16 Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo's on the stock wheels. I don't wanna go with the AC lift and a larger tire due to the fact that I still do alot of highway driving and don't do all that much off road but I still want a bit of a lift and a better tire for when I do go offroad and this seems like the perfect option for me. I know there are a few threads already about OME suspension and stuff but please give me some opinions on this setup.
  23. $20,000 for an 03 M5 is a little scary, whats the mileage? Carfax doesn't tell all, check that car out very well before pulling the trigger. That thing could have been totaled or motor blown or whatever and never could have been reported, before I bought the 01 pathy I have now I looked at this other 01 and it also came up with a clear title and clean carfax but upon looking at the truck it was clear that the entire truck had been repainted, and very poorly at that, around all the moldings you could see how poor the taping job was as there was a line of paint around the edges of the moldings and rubber because the masking wasnt done well enough, as well as one side of the truck had aftermarket glass on it, and you could also see spots like in between the bumper and headlights where there was no paint so it was obvious the bumper had been replaced at some point then painted, this was at a Nissan dealer too.... I know of a couple guys in my town that have a small garage and they basically buy totaled cars and rebuild them and sell them for huge profit, and most of their cars they obtain with clear titles and records because they were never reported of being in an accident or having any damage. Anyways, I hope the car works out for you though, the M5 is a great car, good luck!

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