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  1. i use a cut snowmobile track like Mypath said, it works great, especially if you use a long piece, about a 3 foot length. You could also use a piece of lumber. a 2"x"6 or 2"x8", with something screwed to it for a traction aid.
  2. anyone hear of a pogue carborator? its supposed to vapourize gasoline before injection, to make like 200 mpg http://www.rexresearch.com/pogue/1pogue.htm
  3. i voted winch, just because i dont have one. i had one on my pathy, then she died. So i traded the winch for my hardbody!
  4. its definitely is coming from the starter/ or solenoid, i have a separate starter button
  5. i tried to jump it with my dads truck and still just a click.
  6. id mate the nissan leaf with my '93 hardbody pickup. extended electric w/ a diesel generator. more all-wheel drive cars, having an easily tunable fuel system where you could add extra types of fuel like on-demand hydrogen and have it calculate the perfect air/fuel ratios. nobody said a hybrid can only be two power sources.
  7. thanks everyone for the help. i fixed the problem, luckily it was pretty simple, a blown fuse and a melted wire going to the alternator. now thats done, im back to my original problem of the starter before the "melt down". i think its the stater cylinoid. all im getting is a single click noise when trying to start... did i mention i hate electrical.
  8. ugh, im having a bad day, after all the work was done i like a moron, hooked up the battery backwards, and this happened I was doing wiring and took the battery out... i realized when i hooked it up and seen smoke rise up from the alternator. now the dash wont light up... *sigh* any help would be just lovely. p.s. to add insult to injury i slipped on the ice on my deck and ended up on my back. like i said im having a bad day.
  9. I hear ya man, its snowing pretty good here at the moment. all that untouched snow, i wanna go do donuts on my street lol. on the plus side, i got my torsion bar in today. so soon my truck will be ready. saying im excited would be an understatement
  10. theres all kinds of stuff you can do to prevent it from getting packed with snow, ive seen a lot of people put cardboard in they grill to block snow building up while on the highway. also to try and keep the engine bay a bit warmer. the colder the intake air the more fuel you burn. ive seen people used like a canvas tarp under the front of the truck to cover the bottom of the engine from snow, slush, and cold air getting up in there. It also works decent on water crossings, it reduces splashing up on top of your motor. It all depends on snow conditions as well i dont go out when it gets real deep, there are too many snowmobile riders to wheel safely in the middle winter. when i do go, i always stick to trails that i know there are no stumps. Another thing i did was bring old snowmobile tracks that have been cut so you can lay them flat, and you have 121" rubber track with awesome traction. ive used them ive gotten stuck, as a base for a hi-lift jack, and another one under the tire thats stuck the worst, a shovel to clear snow away is also a must.
  11. i love winter driving, i used to drift my '90 Astro van all winter when i was 16-17. Anyone ever try a car with studded tires, my friend has a set of winter tires studded, makes stopping on ice like its dry pavement. Snow wheeling is fun too! I found that siped tires stop really well too on ice. I know my Wildcats (that are siped) will stop on a dime and take off pretty securely on wet and icy roads too. Twice this week I have seen early 90's 4Runners sliding when trying to stop or slow down beside me in traffic. One was on ice, and the other was just on wet roads. Are they known for that or was that just an amazing coincidence?
  12. I got my first vehicle for free. My buddy gave it to me. It was a '91 Dakota 4x4 w/318ci. It was beaten pretty good but it still ran decent. It was my first vehicle and 4x4. It got me into off-roading so its got sentimental value. had a lot of fun with that truck.
  13. ] whats the coolest thing you've found?
  14. no worries, it was cool to check out bucks auto anyway. I did manage to find a torsion bar. From Tbay Auto. on a site called just parts.com. it was listed as a 93 frontier tho so it took me a while to find it. check out this site, its really cool.peace http://shop.justparts.com/Seller/14_tbauto_20_1

  15. hey, i went out to buck's auto. there are no 4x4 d21's out there. :(

  16. thanks, good to know, ya its just for a spare, for a off-road only bush truck . -
  17. Im wondering if i can use a lego rim with a 33x12.5-15, as a spare for my truck. (D21) It might not work on the front but maybe it would fit on the rear. i guess im wondering if it will clear the leafs and whatnot. PS i removed the truck box so i dont have worry about rubbing the fenders.
  18. just added myself, im on a lake also.
  19. You also said you wanted a man tranny...
  20. you can also put vasoline around the distributor cap and any wiring plugs like those for headlights. I seen an old military trick where before fording deep water, you loosen the belt tensioner for the rad fan. this prevents it from splashing water over your distributor and engine. i dont know how easy this would be on our rigs. just thought id throw that out there. CAUTION!! make sure the engine is shut OFF when loosening and re-tightening the belt-tensioner.
  21. most of my vent lines were rotted. i replaced the one coming off the top of the auto-trans with some rubber hose up through my cab under my centre console.

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