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  1. ya i read the same thing about boring out the 3L to 3.3 with out any problems. my next idea includes a stock block bored to 3.3L with a cam and g34 pistons.wonder if they have a long stroke crank shaft for the vg motor? more stroke with more duration with the cams should be felt in the seat of your pants.LOL
  2. "pathrider" do they sell them in orange? i like those they look cool.
  3. thank you guys so much.I'm looking into a vg33 block and heads. .
  4. Thanks for looking. my stock vg-30 is old and tired she has 356,793 on her clock now..I want to rebuild the motor. i have built Honda motors in the past as my past and know parts are interchangeable. I was thinking of this motor set-up im going for more then stock power number with easy parts to get from the junks and i dont have to redo the motor mounts.thanks for the help.. stock VG-30 block .004 over,stock maxima dome pistons. Maxima ECU, heads with stock cams,intake manifold and mass air meter. 300zx crank(automatic).I hope it mounts to stock pathy tranny?
  5. i searched the web site and couldn't find anything on the JDM sidemarker. I'm looking for fender mirrors also. thanks
  6. my list of franchise auto parts stores for electronics that i suggest. "A/C Delco" brand store I have good stores about all these stores but i trust an A/C delco part. Napa autoparts store autozone Pep boys kragen/o'raily
  7. my idea of custom gauges is to use the stock cluster. drill out some holes for autometer gauges to be installed. kinda like a nascar dash.
  8. looking for a drivers door outer handel

  9. great link thanks. i have steering box issues going on right now. it started to leak from the output shaft. wondering if i should just go by the JY to get a box?
  10. good question my truck has no body lift eather but i would like this steering set up.
  11. LOL i like the last post on a rear sway bar disconnect. LOL totaly 5 min. and its free. just bring some tools when out on the trail but who doesn't bring them anyways?
  12. i agree new crush washer after taking the banjo bolts off the pump.
  13. my steering box started to leak this week."Disfordog" where is your box leaking from? mine is leaking from the output shaft.
  14. lets get a group together for some trail running in a few months? anyone from california intrested in making the trip?
  15. Thats lame. well i will see you cali guys in the southwest forums.
  16. Man i never thought the Vg30 was a good motor.Mine has 316k on a 91 XE.i drive mine daily
  17. I beleave southwest is states like Arizona,New mexico. california is so big its just the west.the north west is Oregon and Washington.
  18. i would like to get a meet together but there is no region where i live. you need a california place to post.
  19. I'm running the superlift UCA's. i heard the same thing about the AC UCA's you get what you pay for that how i look at it.
  20. you cant unlock the front cv shafts in 2wd. the transfer case is the only thing "unlocking" you have to buy some manual locking hubs to have a true 2wd set up when in 2wd on the transfer case.. i did break the drivers side inner cage. it started knocking and i kept driving on it we were far on the trail. did a high speed puddle run and broke the cage..it made it back home.. love that last part.. if i didnt have the manual locking hubs it wouldnt have made it home with out realy breaking something..
  21. thanks for the help. i broke both front cv shaft over the weekend. tore both outer boots and drivers side inner. i never had the bump stops on the chassie. i lifted my pathy about 1/4" from touching the "bump stop feeler" on the uca. my cv angel is crazy. should have known my fault. im going buy some bump stops for the upper arms and drop it a bit. hope that works.
  22. i just installed some new stiffer front torsoins bars. i was wondering how hight can you go with out tearing up the front cv axels? thanks guys for looking..

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