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  1. mhay

    Anyone in Reno

    Hey guys. I was just wondering if any of you are in the Reno area? I am going to be moving there in a couple months. Any cool things to see/do? Thanks, Matt.
  2. Ok, with a lot of muscle and cussing I got it out. Now, I need to get a new one. Anyone suggest a place to get one with the blue dot? Oreilly's autozone and napa only have the black dot ones. Thanks, Matt.
  3. ok, so I've got the retaining cap off but the injector won't budge. Also, the top seems do be falling apart if I tug on it. Any tips to get this thing loose?
  4. Hey guys. I've got an intermittent code 51 so I checked the resistances and #3 had about 70 ohms. I am going to replace it but was wondering if you think it is possible to remove/install with the plenum in place? Thanks in advance, Matt
  5. I recently did the exact same thing on my rig. I kept looking at it and thinking "there is no efing way this thing coming out of the front!" The key I found was making sure it is clocked properly upon exit and removing the brackets for the tranny lines. Also, when it gets all the way forward near the transmission lines, give the lines a real hard pull down and just rip the starter out. I thought I could finesse it out but no. You gotta rip that thing out. Lastly, I think everyone says its easier the second or fourth time because all of the lines and brackets are bent up and mangled enough to allow it to slide out easy.
  6. Well, I think it is time to put a NEW starter in. I cleaned the old one but it still starts intermittently. Who has the best reman or new starter(Autozone, O'reileys, NAPA, etc..)?
  7. GOOD NEWS!!! I cleaned the starter and got it reinstalled which is just about as bad as taking it out. It cranked up on the first try! Thank you guys for your help. I doubt I would have completed this repair without the help of the awesome people on this forum. Now, having said that, I hope you guys will help me out in a couple weeks when something else breaks. Thanks again, Matt
  8. Good news to report! The stars aligned and the starter slid out in about 15 minutes! Now, anybody got a rundown on how to clean this bad boy out before dropping a benjamin on a new starter?
  9. Ok guys. After a busy couple weeks I am going to attempt to get back in there and get this starter out. Any ideas on what can be removed, i.e. oil filter, steering parts, that can be removed to get this thing out?
  10. Ok guys. pretty much narrowed it down to the starter. I attempted to get the starter out. got the bolts off the back no problem. now the darn thing will not come out of its home. The A/T lines are in the way and the heat shield keeps it from budging. Anyone want a good deal on a good pathfinder with a bad starter?
  11. ok so I did the relay mod. Now I can hear the solenoid clicking when I turn the key but no cranking action. Any ideas?
  12. Hey guys. the truck has been starting sluggishly and the other day it took 3 attempts for the starter to do anything. Now, when the keys is turned I get nothing. No click from the starter or anything. battery is good and the dash lights are bright. I searched and saw the relay mod for the starter solenoid. Think I would be a candidate for that? Thanks in advance. Matt.
  13. Did a little investigating this morning. pulled the plug on the first passenger side cylinder and it was soaking wet with an oily mixture. so leaky injector more than likely? Also, should I be getting a misfire code along with the injector circuit code?
  14. tune up was about 25000 ago by previous owner. Have the reciept for it and everything was done including timing belt and water pump.
  15. Hey guys, truck seems like its running on 5 cylinders. Read the codes and only got a 51(injector circuit). You guys know of any good ways to trouble shoot what is wrong? its a 93 auto btw. Thanks in Advance.

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