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  1. I like the sound of that... PROFESSIONAL. But seriously Bree glad to hear it turned out. Now go rip that 300zxt for me.
  2. I have heard of this before several times. I think people get so excited to do the work that this first step is often overlooked. To be to discouraged yet. If you have the know how to do your own belt you will be able to take care of your timing issue. You just made a little more work for yourself. If you can't bring the no. 1 cyl to TDC by turning it over by hand (which you may be able to do). Just be slow and stop if you feel any resistance. Just remember OVER BY HAND. If not...... You are going to have to "relax" the valves. You will need a manual to follow. Basic procedure is to remove the valve covers and remove the rocker shafts. By removing the rockers all the valves will be closed alloiwng you to set TDC. You are going to need to remove the plugs so you do not fight compression. If you need further explination PM me your phone # and I'll walk you through it. Oherwise good luck you'll be fine Kirk
  3. Don't hold your breath w/ Black Panther . I highly recommend NOT to purchase from him. I have only had BAD experience from him. Marcel Miller has had my money for over three months for skids he claimed he had "in stock" ready to ship. Have not seen skids or heard from him after numerous attempts to contact him by phone (which is now disconnected) and e-mail (21 times to be exact). He was very responsive when collecting the $$ then fell way short on delivery. Beware. This may just be my isolated case but I remember a post a while back that he had someone elses money without product too. He came highly recomended here on NPORA for a nice quality product. But if you want to give someone $$ for nothing then contact him. Just save yourself the trouble and build your own skids or have a local shop do it. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want any specifics of the transaction. And Marcel if you are reading this..... WHARE ARE MY SKID PLATES!
  4. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of RUNNERMAN (Marcel Miller) personally? He has had a boat load of my money for several months without receiving any product. His phone is disconnected and he does not respond to ANY e-mails. He was real easy to get a hold of when I was sending him $$$. But now ??? I know he has not been around on NPORA for a while but just thought I'd give a try. And I guess to warn everyone not to deal with this deadbeat looser . Any info would be helpful, Thanks
  5. Key statement... "if I trimmed the front fenders" Depending how much trimming you do will allow for the bigger tire. So you can certainly run 33's or bigger (it has been done before) with trimming. Near impossible to run a 33 without trimming if you want to turn
  6. Yeah, mine does not have that. Yes it has the "box" connected to the air cleaner housing. Then I have a plastic pipe going back up into the fender. No cold air intake/ram air effect. All tubes are sealed. Maybe your has been modified or just plain different. If yours is that way. then I could see a whole bunch of water getting up in there. Oh well Thanks for the info
  7. Tough to say from the pics. And a little bit of an optical illusion with the rear bumper and flares removed. I am going to say stock suspension because of the reletively flat angle of the front lower control arm and the rear lower trailing arm. On a lifted Pathy these angles are more pronounced than your pics.
  8. Is this true w/ all R50's? My inlet ('98) is located in the left fender well above the tire. With a proper wake I don't think a stock intake would suck in water at 2 feet deep. Mikeysentra you may want to replace or at the minimum check all fluids (fr/rr difs, t-case, trans)not just engine oil, if it sat in the drink for an extended period of time.
  9. What do you have in mind Mzxtreme? I was planing on going up to do some fishing and other stuff. I did want to devote a day to wheeling. Are you saying you won't be up Memorial day weekend? Do you want to plan another date? I'm fine with that. I would rather go with a few trucks so we can hit some of the trails I turned around on cause I was alone.
  10. OK heres the report: Put on about 200 miles off road in the Pipe Line trail area over the weekend. I started with what I thought was the start of the Pipe Line trail outside Mountain. It follows a underground gas pipe line. I'll start off by saying my Pathfinder would not make it throught the first hole I encountered. Nor would any Pathfinder. Just too much water. You might get 1/4 way through if you had a snorkle and if you hammerd on the gas. But would sure to get stuck bad. I don't think the conditions will change much in the next three weeks because there was still snow around and I expect the spring rains will not help. Other than that I drove as much of the trail as I could access. It's mostly sandy trail with alternate routes to avoid the tougher sections. Might be fun to watch others on this trail but it's better suited for bigger tire trucks running strong motors and mud tires. But don't get discouraged. WOW.... there are so many trails up in that area one could get lost. I just drove down spur road to spur road to spur road. Some sand, gravel, grassy, muddy and yes rocks. During most of Saturday I did not see a soul (except on pavement). Some stuff was like Baja two wheel drive drifting through corners sandy. Other stuff was slow and technical rocky. I did not have a detailed map with me and was lost most of the time untill I found pavement and was able to determine my position. A little unprepared but I did not know about all the trails in the area. Great time If anyone plans on still going, there is sure fun to be had. I would love to meet up for a day of wheeling and exploring more of the area. I plan on going up for the holiday weekend staying in a cabin. And Mike don't worry about those hippies. I closed a local bar down Staturday night and made freinds with a few folks. They didn't talk too kindly of tree huggers up there and everyone who owns property in the county loves to get muddy also. So not to worry the natives are friendly. They tell me it's a ZOO on the trail over that weekend. I can't wait.
  11. I'll be running "the pipeline" this weekend. I'll post back when I return. It is rumored to be MUD MUD and more MUD. Have to find out first hand. No one I talked to has ever been there, but everyone has heard of it. Mike whats going on with those hippies? -Kirk
  12. I was at an auto museam over the winter. They have a displayed 90's Saab w over 1 million miles on the odo. With original motor and turbo. No joke, full documentation daily driver. No "special" test vehicle.
  13. I am dumb. I do not see the link on this post or on the "places to wheel" post. Hold my hand and help me out. Thanks Kirk Also by business I meant all the details.... But I guess I'l just give Mike a call.
  14. Maybe we will get to meet yet. Tell me more about this pipeline business?

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