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  1. Come on guys no help at all? Please?
  2. I have a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder with a 2in lift and 32in tires. The front is IFS. With the lift the front CV angles are extreme but still within factory limits. Anyways with all the snow I was driving around in 4wd Hi and noticed that when I seemed to go over 20 mph or like 2,500 RPM there seemed to be a thud coming from the front right cv shaft / wheel. As the speed or RPM increased the thud kept increasing in intensity. Could this have been? 1. Snow packed in the wheel/brakes/cv shaft? 2. When taking my truck in for inspection the mechanic did not tighten all the bolts properly on the wheel and a couple days later I discovered this. Ever since then I have had a squeak in my brakes. Don't know if that could have possibly bent something? 3. CV's were just recently replaced due to cracking of the boots. Improper install? 4. CV is operating outside of its range of motion and binding up due to too much lift? However, the thing which I don't understand is that my truck has Full Time 4wd and the hubs are always locked in so they turn even when in 2wd and I do not hear the thud if they were binding in 2wd. What do you guys think the problem is?
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...K%3AMESELX%3AIT
  4. Do you see where on the plastic engine cover it says VQ3500. Go straight up from the five on the engine cover to that black tube. That is the one I am talking about.
  5. I went from 245/65/17 to 265/75/16. I have the axle gears that everyone swaps out (not the good ones the xterra and frontier have). I swear that like my gearing was off with my stock tires and when I got the bigger tires they some how corrected the gearing.
  6. Why do you do yours ever 3rd oil change? I do mine every oil change.
  7. Right on top of the intake manifold, there are a couple rubber hoses clamped onto little pipes coming out of the intake and then one going to a solenoid. Disconnect the tubing going to the solenoid and then get a cup and fill with sea foam and turn the engine on. Slowly submerge the pipe in the seafoam until it sucks it all up. Turn the engine off and let sit for about 10 minutes and start it back up and rev it up and run it for a while/ take for a short drive to clear the sea foam out.
  8. Ever since I got my new wheels and tires it feels as if my truck is faster. Is this possible? I got 265/75/16 tires. Before when I would go past those radar things the cop set out my speed was off by like 3-4 miles per hour. Now when I go past it is dead on with what the speedo says. It seems like the tire size could have actually corrected my speedo? I swear my truck feels like it is faster but that could be to lower weight of the tires maybe?
  9. 265/75/16 with 16x8 4.0 BS wheels. Mud flaps had to be removed but other than that no rubbing expect a little in reverse.
  10. Yeah I would assume anything that is attached to the drivetrain that is heavier will rob alot more power then the equivalent amount of weight just sitting in the actual vehicle.
  11. (37 x 4 = 148) - (24 x 4 = 96) = 52 you do it in total because it doesn't really matter on a per wheel basis. IMO driving 50 pounds of extra weight is alot and will cause a much greater loss in power.
  12. Western PA. I really think the AL wheels are worthid over steel wheels. Yes the AL wheels are more expense but I figured it out and they are 50 lbs lighter than the steel wheels and that makes a big difference in unsprung weight. To tell you the truth I can't really tell my tires are no stock. I have been observing the tire shake and it seems to be the worst between 50-55 on rougher highway. I was on some very smooth highway and the shake was nearly not even there. I had this problem with my last set of stock tires and had them rebalanced. Do you think this could be something else in the suspension. I also noticed that the BFG tires are pretty the best word to describe it is "squishy" and could this be causing some movement in the tire because they are sort of like moving around a little bit? I know you said to not drive on the tires while shaking but I don't have a whole lot of time to take them to get rebalanced right now. Would waiting a week or two really kill them?

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