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  1. finished and installed rocksliders with a friends made in metal recovered from work
  2. paint corners of rear bumper in my 97 ??? final result!
  3. the weekend in pinamar argentina with friends!
  4. wow that was fast, I'm glad you could communicate with Federico! As for the instructions, possibly what you have to do is a new template to make the holes. i want to see it installed!
  5. I do not know how it fits, the snorkel of the photo the model of airflow is of navara d22
  6. Here in Argentina there are about 100 dollars, you have to see how much shipping would be, now I leave all the contact information website http://www.snorkels4x4.com/index.html facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Snorkels4x4Airflow/ Teléfono - Buenos Aires - Argentina(011) 4903 1933(011) 15 4423 9580 E-Mailairflow@snorkels4x4.comsnorkels4x4@yahoo.com.ar
  7. I made a barter to obtain it by some parts of an ATV with a friend, I did not know the situation of the company, but for what I use it the truth I am quite happy
  8. Some friends here in Argentina have installed navara snorkel in their r50 and others in their d21 and they work well, here they are manufactured by a local company called airflow I will buy it soon and surely make a detailed thread
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