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  1. It's done then!! She will make the trip up and it can be a reunion THIS is why I love communities like this!!!
  2. I was going to refrain from driving her long distances, but next weekend I will be up in West Harrison for my sister's baby shower, I can bring her up instead of the Rogue and you can see her again if you'd like to
  3. the purple engine would be kind of hard to tell, the PO had it redone from what he said...but looking closer, the AC bracket and dipstick handle were painted purple...talk about crazy!
  4. It could be...she's not too far from where I am...I'm not too entirely sure, from what I gathered the PO before the PO had it out of state according to the KY title...if it was Slick's old rig, it's probably missing a lot of the parts it had under her ownership, I wish the wheels would be the same as hers were cause those are my favorite kind of wheels! **edit** I would be willing to bet that it is her old one...Mini Me as she called it is a damn near spot on match for mine down to all the audio wiring and the EQ left in it...anyone got her contact info or know if she still comes around? It would be neat to retrace the history on this Pathfinder
  5. such a good action shot...-_- I removed the lights from the bumper to make room for the LED pods I have coming and relocated them to the roof, now to make them brighter cause they really suck when on by themselves.
  6. my 92 had the same issue and would correct itself when I jiggled the battery connector. My guess is to check the fusible link at the battery and see if that is popped.
  7. Howdy all, I've been lurking the forum for a couple weeks now trying to see what I've gotten myself into with my latest vehicle purchase. Decided to make my account $600 lighter and came away with a 92 Pathfinder XE 5 speed and I am learning more and more about it every day! And it looks good next to my 2012 Rogue lol. As far as I know it has a K&N, Thorley headers, some sort of Flowmaster, an undisclosed 3" suspension lift, 32x10.50s on wheels that I need to figure the BS out on so I can get another for a spare, spare rack deleted, manual hubs, a beefy as hell Smittybilt front bumper, and I THINK that's it....well, minus a few more lights that will be coming soon...lol Pics will come when I gather up the cajones to flex it out on the mud/rock piles down the street from me where they are building new houses and dumping the excess stone. Just in case anyone reads this and is in the Louisville area, I would love to meet some more Pathfinder people and learn more about the suspension on them, it's a big difference from the full size Broncos that I have been used to...lol

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