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  1. Yeah I'm good. Airbags never went off. Lower frame was untouched but that upper radiator support took all the damage.
  2. Another angle. Right side got pushed in quite a bit. At least we had one last trip to the mountains in September.... ?
  3. Well rough day to end it off. I know I've been MIA around here the last couple years. Ole Flapjack died on the way home. It's too damaged for me to repair it... So I guess I'll find something else to drive and hopefully get into another pathfinder sometime. RIP 334K to end it.
  4. I would never buy a today Nissan. Only model I have considered (frontier) dies next year with an ugly "upgrade" still a shot I could pick up a used one at some point but I'd probably get a hardbody instead. Pre2005 Nissan is the best Nissan. Ghosn may have kept the company from bankruptcy but he renault'd our Nissan.
  5. When mine went out like this. It was the speed sensor on the transmission. (96 automatic) replaced the sensor and it was reading both speedo and odo again
  6. I have the same size all terrains on stock wheels with no issues. According to the manufacturer my 31 inch tires actually measure at 30.5.
  7. It says these things for the factory roof tracks. This is the thing that connects the factory tracks to the towers. https://www.yakima.com/landing-pad-1 Then pair with whatever tower goes for your cross bars.
  8. I completely dropped z31performance... This forum is not like most. I do not see the complaining, the putting people down, and the general bitching about the questions. Npora is the best forum I have been on.
  9. It should. That's still the vg33 right? If so no problem. Same motor!
  10. 1. Yes. Shift quickly and firmly. Have the vehicle in neutral while shifting between 4H and 4L. I'll usually get a little chirp out of the gears while doing that. You are basically forcing the gears to mesh together. 3. Ac is a brand you can get them at 4x4parts. Other options are ome. And people have recently had success with front Landrover springs in the rear of the r50. Fleurys (forum member) has a website with spacer kits as well.
  11. I thought about doing that with the connectors but i need to check my wiring before i try that. These things work so intermittently it has to be something in the wiring. But i definitely want to change those out for led pods
  12. What size lights did you go for? I have been thinking about doing the exact same thing because my fogs rarely work and when they do... Well they don't Put out anything i could consider light!

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