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  1. I wheel at browns camp in the tfs mostly and there is full width rigs there all the time I just wanted some thing differnt. I may decide to narrow the stuff down the road but I have never ran full size before so I just thought what the hell
  2. made some progress this morning I got the dually 60 switched over to single wheel and bolted the 40s on it and set the pathy down on it I still have to cut the hanger off and widen it out to fit the full with axle but its rolling again. I am gonna put new springs on and when I do I will move the center pin back 1.5 inches also
  3. well my two coffee opinion is that ya a sbc is kinda a waste speaking from experience I used to run an 84 toyota with a 383 stroker and a 700r4 with dual cases blah blah blah well the long and short of it is the carb sucked even with lots of tuning time out on the rocks and the cooling is a big issue if you run a built sbc. I think with work on the heads and the chip in the computer you would be happy with a 3.3 swap or do the vg30de n/a like myself. I am gonna get between 280-300 hp out of a fuel infected 3 liter v6 that still says nissan on it so you can get the power of a sbc with out the swap!! Any how thats just my opinion I could be wrong.
  4. I am gonna do the same thing to my rear due to moving my axle back a bit so it will stuff the 39.5s up in there better!!
  5. thanks man it should be fun when it is done we are gonna throw it up on the dyno and put a custom tune on the computer to squeeze out as much power as we can!!! I can not wait til its in and running!!
  6. compression is 10.5:1 and the cams are 5sp cams and the bore is stock. Here is a few more pics of the future my 200 dollar hp dana 60 that needs sw outters still the 40 mtrs for mock up future will bring new 39.5 pitbulls the motor on my engine stand and the pathy.
  7. And everything is ported and big throttle bodies
  8. It has turbo heads on it and huge pistons it is very well built and will have a custom tune on the computer once it hits the dyno so yes it can hit the 300 mark and no kyle no turbos possibly a super charger down the road but not right away!
  9. when are you coming to get the rail shifter??
  10. Ya and computer I have all that brand new waiting with the upper intake the intake still needs ported and powder coated!!
  11. So I am gearing up for an install of a 300 hp vg30de n/a into my 93 pathfinder I have swapped bellhousings on the tranny to a turbo bellhousing and I am rebuilding the tranny. I only have one pic so far but this weekend should bring more!!!
  12. mine are mounted almost exactly the same way on my pathy and I have never had a problem thus far??
  13. looks good man!! I am getting my motor tomorrow I am stoked I will be posting some pics of it on a thread soon!!! hope all my parts worked out good for you!!
  14. ya do it cuz I can always wheel the one ton or get off my ass and slap some axles and a front dline in my hb??
  15. I am gonna have to drive down and wheel with you when your all done! well that is if my new motor ever freaking gets done I am gonna have to go check on it in person here soon!!
  16. glad to see you started working on it I hope with the tg springs that hanger and shackle combo works out for you it should but if you wanna run some Bonney Motorsports springs so that they work for sure just give me a call bud! keep the pics coming!!!
  17. ya buddy I excpect some pics this week on my phone then!!!
  18. My parents used to live in hermiston!! I am outside forest grove. If you need help on your build let me know I have lots of parts and lots of custom stuff for nissans that I make!!!
  19. looks like its gonna be similar suspension wise to my pathy and my truck!!! those are nice lookin shackles and front hanger by the way lol!! when are you starting??
  20. thats what I figured I would need to do thanks guys
  21. Hey guys i just swapped motors on a pathy that had been dead for 4 years and the tach was working great the first day and now it works and then bounces all over then stops any Ideas??
  22. as far as gear ratio goes the 4.63 and 4.56 works great I run them in my hardbody I run narrowed ford hp axles to help out the driveline angles and seem to be easier to find in the northwest then the waggy driver drop axle but I also run all leaf setups no links for this guy I love my leaf springs easy and tough as hell
  23. hey I am new too I am out in forest grove currently have three nissans two sas and one stocker where are you?

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