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  1. I do have a web site its nothing much yet at all but you can email me at jared@bonneymotorsports.com and we can discuss prices I have the frame tubes and shackles in stock but need to order up more bolts and bushings other then that they can ship fairly fast.
  2. hey do you know if any one has ever done a twin turbo with the nissan pathy automatic? I just picked up my vg30dett and was gonna get goin but do not wanna loose my auto??

  3. Ya there is treads floating around on the nissan sites like nissantrailriders I think is where I did most of it I have an into on youtube My link you can see alot of pics on My link I also have the shackles and frame tubes you need depending on where your springs land in the rear I run custom made springs mocked up after waggy springs I think they are 48 inches long the sleeve runs right under the body mount on my hardbody, now when you look at the pathy intro its calmini hanger and toy rears with waggy mixed in its not any of the stuff I now make and sell. I was not happy with calmini mainly the shackle kit so I said screw it and made all my own stuff on the hardbody!
  4. hey there bigfinderman I have two sas nissans both with shackles through the frame its a much safe better deal my hard body came to me with a crappy sas job that I totally redid with my sas kit that I sell when I first did the truck I left the shackles on the bottom of the frame because I was waiting on new custom springs and it drove like crap in comparison to how it drives now with the frame tubes I am not sure that it matters much other then it messes up your caster if your perches were not welded on to allow for the unlevel springs?? MightyN2 the swaps are just as easy as a toyota if not easier I run hp dana 44s out of 70s fords with three inches takin out of the long side and chev outers to get the six lug they work out great for the drive line angle!!

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