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  1. Lol that was at my works shop but i have a monster welder to weld it back together here at my house hope to have my shop built by this time next year!!! Then i can have all the good tools!! No room right now.
  2. Ok ya i run detroits in my stuff so its like a damn spool it never unlocks
  3. Thats how mine felt too it just didnt wanna move? Other then a wore out tie rod end?
  4. Have you done the nissannut upgrade to the pump? Really helped mine but i will be hydro assisted this go round
  5. Oh baby found a plug and play harness tonight for my motor i think!! Have to call them tomorrow!!
  6. What year car is that out of i freakin love it
  7. I hear ya there my freakin life is slowing my progress and the wife bitches when i spend the whole weekend in the garage!!
  8. Its gonna be a bit wide for here too but it wont break any axles any more!
  9. That looks really good i may have to copy you on that one
  10. Well after a long bit of grinding and beating with a huge hammer i got my C off now i can cut my tube off and reinstall it!! Seems like a ton of work for four and a half inches. While tearing down the axle i found that the bearings in the bottom never saw a grease gun from the prior owner so its a kingpin rebuild kit for this guy!!
  11. It doesnt confuse it because you turn that part of the computer off for the tranny when you throw that switch the rail will control the solenoids in the tranny i have never got a code before from it.
  12. Lol the ole power mode does suck the fuel down but must agree on the custom exhaust setup and high rpm its fun
  13. Keep us posted on this its looking like you have a cool idea going here!!
  14. Finally got after a bit of pathy work today. I started grinding on my dana 60 sorry no pics tonight but there will be some tomorrow I just about have the long side C ready to beat off and then I can cut the 4 1/2 inches off it and weld it back together. Plus I have my wheel adapters for the rear so I can convert from 6 to 8 lug and slap them 40s on the back to see where to start cutting the body!!
  15. The Rail shifter is awesome it allows you to throw a switch and run on the rail, manually control the gears start out in any gear you want and it will never go to fail safe in the rail shifter then when you are done wheeling you simply shut of the rig flip the switch and fire it up and you back in the factory shifting! I also run the rock shifter as well so I can rock my rig like it were a 5spd. Check them out and give Rory a call http://radesignsproducts.com/Rail.html you can see them installed in my pathy on my youtube page at
  16. K so no new thread on this one as the shaft in the tx-10 is freakin HARD man I am taking my spare shaft over to a buddy that has a lathe we are gonna try and get it drilled and tapped next weeked!
  17. lol I love that those pics are pre-sas!! Congrats to all who were in the totm!! Way to go Stalker you built one sweet ride!!!
  18. I always use it when towing also! I used it when wheeling but would still always go into fail safe mode so I have a Rail shifter now from Radesigns Products and no more fail safe mode for me!!!
  19. I have four tx-10s and a dline laying here I have been wanting to do this as well I may start today just to post up some pics for you guys??? I will start a new sye thread later today!

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