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  1. The spindle shims a re better but if its only one degree i think i run the ball joint cuz it can kind of be adjusted. lol no worries i should have said while turning the steering wheel.... which IMO would be the weakest link... unless all you SAS guys dont need to turn the steering wheel and just haul all over anything in your way lolThe steering box runs the same way it used to just with a drag link bolted to it instead of the centerlink and the drag link like i said before goes from steering box to the passenger knuckle and the passenger knuckle is connected to the drivers side via the tie-rod!If it dont go chrome it!
  2. There is axle shafts that connect to the hubs and run into gears that the drive line connects to just like the ifs and then there is a drag link that runs to a steering arm on the passenger knuckle and both knuckles are connected by the tie-rod If it dont go chrome it!
  3. I would say it was just a hair out of square before the welding they are pretty hard to bend them I would look around for some spindle shims or get a ball joint shim to fix it up! I have spindle shims out in the garage I think if you need one
  4. Wheel wells are sealled up just need to spray them with under coating! If it dont go chrome it!
  5. more done today hung the new rear springs on and cut the wheel wells out to clear the 40s. Still not sure if I am gonna run 42s or just 39.5s but there is room for either now! that little bushing is for my flex plates I have to drill the smaller torque converter pattern on the de flex plate to run the little vg tranny the de turbo tranny is way bigger but I will have to have a custom tail shaft made before I can run the de tranny but that is in the works!!
  6. Well got some stuff done today! Got the tranny ready to go back in! Put the new bellhousing from the vg30dett auto on my tranny and the reduction box and nwf adapter bolted up!! Gonna try and stuff it in tomorrow!
  7. Thanks everyone that voted for me!! Now i need to finish it and get goin so i can win truck of the year!
  8. Everyone stared when it had 36s just cuz you dont see nissans around here much but now it should be fun for sure
  9. well it got a bit bigger then planned but hey what the hell??? I am sure it will settle down a bit with a motor and tranny in there and some break in on the the springs??!!
  10. Well its been a long time but finally have some stuff done!! The 40s are sitting on all four corners the new front springs are in hope to hang the rears tomorrow the steering is hooked up and the new tranny is laying on the floor so i hope to stuff it in soon!
  11. Trent are you in need of a housing? I tried to buy all the ones from jake at b and k years ago but he wanted too much money but i have both a 77 and earlier and a 78-79 here at the house!
  12. There is no sleeving anything when you grind the weld off the C and beat it off the tube cut the tube and put the C back on the tube?!?!?
  13. I guess if that was not safe i should have died years ago! I have been running custom cut axle housings since i could drive!! They come from spicer WELDED to the axle tube all you do is grind the weld remove the C cut the tube and re weld the C on the same way spicer did. Now if all you have is a harbor freight welder i would say dont try it and have a professional do it! I guess i need to post up a few pics of the process?
  14. The better axle is a 77 or earlier f150 that you can just grind a c off the long side cut 3" off it and weld it back on then hang some chevy outers on it!
  15. I run royal purple in my vgs and the wifes 4.0 in her 2010 pathy we picked up 2.5 mpgs with the 2010 pathy didnt notice much on my truck but I drive it hard every day but I have not sprung any leaks in the truck and it has 222k on the motor!
  16. He got the hanger and shackle set up from me. The shackle has a bend in it because if you tried to mount the spring directly under the frame back there you would need to be full width or wider to have turning radius. The best axle width is 63 inches up front and the springs are 32 inches center to center if you want to fab your own hanger i can hook you up with a shackle kit?
  17. we need more pics and info my buddy is looking into that swap!!
  18. Lol thats what i do in my hardbody but i do love me an automatic i been debating an auto swap just using the rock and rail shifters from radesignsproducts
  19. Ya i figured once i changed the valve in my pump it got better but i am gonna hydro assist mine too
  20. Thanks man gonna shoot for tranny and transfer cases next weekend
  21. Damn i hate this app!! Gonna move my axle back about 2 inches with my new springs and then gonna move my rear axle back 3 inches so i only have to cut the rear quarter not the front
  22. Well the axle is now in there and it can roll around again!!

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