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  1. I just realized I was thinking R50 the whole time instead of R51, I don't know if that came with 3rd row seating or not (if it does, then yeah..I can see that as an upgrade without having to go BIG) but you'd have to go later in the generation span to avoid the transmission recall.
  2. BOO! Hah! Scared ya didn't I? Yes I'm still haunting these halls, I like to occasionally log in and see what's going on, this is the first time I've felt like posting in like, forever. Nice to see you trying to get back in Jason but I don't think an R51 is really where you want to be. Size wize there is no difference from a WD21 where the troops are concerned, nor is an Xterra (btw 04 model tops on these, other wise you gotta skip up to the next gen after 2005 to I don't know, 2008, 10 maybe) I think you'd do much better with either the Armada with the Titan V8 and drivetrain or Seqouia. I love the look of the 1st gen Tundra and I think they are great but remember that Slartibarfasts Dad's truck once had a rear diff gear disintegrate on him, no idea if that was just a "One Off" or part of a manufacturer wide defect. We bought a 2 wheel drive 2002 4Runner SR5 back in 2016 with the 3.4L and we absolutely LOVE that truck, that is my Wife's baby, she just adores it and we got it for a song at $4400 with brand new tires and around 145,000 miles, but here again we are only 3 in my family, can have 4 comfortably, 5 is do-able but a stretch and not on a regular basis. Taco's of the same gen cost twice as much, and progressively gets worse from there. I think you should look at if you want an offroad Toy beater just for you, you can do that for thousands less than if you want a bigger family vehicle that has *Emergency* curb jumping ditch plowing Holy @!*% I've got my whole family in the vehicle and we need to haul ass from danger because there is a maniac threatening us type of capability. Me for one, I think I'm pretty much done with the "offroading / Family vehicle" thing....It'd be fun if I had a dedicated vehicle and we (you and I Jason, in Houston) had more friendly and accessible offroad areas for us here. The mud clean up and the repairs and getting stuck and breaking your daily / family vehicle for me got old I guess.
  3. Yes, those are the factory steel rims and they are either 6" or 6.5" wide, I think a 31" x 10.50 tire is probably the widest that can or should be mounted on those and I don't know about their backspacing (I never really understood about offset and backspacing, don't get me to lying.....) The Lego rims are 7" wide.
  4. with a 2" lift you should be able to get by with 32" x 11.50 /R15 on Legos. Thats as big as I'd recommend going regardless just because of the weight of the tire and the multiplied force and leverage placed on the suspension, hub bearings and drive shafts. A 32" tire with 2" of lift will give you a lot of ground clearance, just as long as you don't try to play in a full size trucks 38" ruts. New South Wales, is that New Zealand? Whats the jacked up Ford / Chevy / Dodge redneck lifted truck scene like over there? Oh sorry, i just saw your question to RIP B88 on the Legos: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/29976-93-95-nissan-se-alloy-lego-wheels/
  5. I'm sure some of you remember my ranting hatred for the previous Falken "All Terrain Tire" the Rocky Mountain and the design flaw within those tires, but this new one, looks ok to me, I would definitely give this tire a chance. Looks pretty good.
  6. Hope it's a standard shift. I really hate to be a Debbie Downer here, but 2005 was a bad year for nissan auto transmissions having engine coolant leaking into the transmission. You really want to read up on this, I'm sure there has got to be a remedy fix to prevent this from happening. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/42137-r51-transmission-curse-arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh/ Sorry, just saying.. Good luck.
  7. I'm sorry but this is a fantasy here, there is no place you can do this, except maybe Montana or Wyoming where it is only the cows, wolves or bears that will assault you.
  8. you won't be able to watch any football in June, it doesn't start until late August. I don't mean to be a downer but you named some pretty rough places on your list, security and awareness of your surroundings should be paramount in Chicago, DC, New York and New Orleans. The French Quarter in New Orleans is interesting from an architectural and historical point of view but it's filthy and it stinks. And is one of the highest murder rates in the US along with Chicago. DC is actually located in a pretty rough area as well. I live in Houston and I don't even want to go to see those places. If you're interested in the Colonial period, the birth of our nation, Boston would be a nice place to go, I don't hear too much bad stuff about that city. The really beautiful places are in Utah, Oregon, Washington, Arizona. It just depends what you're into. If it's the broad sweeping, breathtaking vistas, then the northwest is the place to be, and Seattle is nice too, actually (good social scene here too, underground tour is very interesting also. Thomas P Crapper). For social or historical commentary, that's going to be more in the east coast, which for me is sketchy all the way up and down the eastern seaboard. My brother in law just immigrated from the Philippines to Salisbury, Maryland and that seems to be a nice place so far so he got lucky. If you're going to California, I would avoid Los Angeles all together, and stick to San Diego, drive highway 1 through San Jose, Cambria, Carmel, you can tour the Hurst castle. Hwy 1 is insane, curvy rd with sheer cliff drop offs on one side and steep rising cliff above you on the other. San Fransisco isn't so bad either. You can drive down Lombard st and see Alcatraz from the Golden Gate Bridge. If you ever saw the movie Close Encounters of the Third kind, you know that Devil's Tower that Richard Dryfuss builds in his living room? Well, it's real and you can go see it, it's in Rapid City Wyoming. Go to Sedona Arizona and hike to one of the multiple mystical energy vortex that some claim are the earth's magnetic ley lines and native american indians use to hold rituals with in them. Sedona is flat out gorgeous. Good luck and be careful PLEASE!
  9. Sounds to me like a perfect opportunity to have it shipped straight to a shop, drop it off the rollback and order in a jdm vg33 and Mr 510 crank adapter, and have them do the engine swap. Fix all the issues and you get an upgrade on your engine. What ever you spend in cash would easily be offset by the savings in time, headache and general diagnose / repair bs spent other wise.
  10. I have always liked the look of the General AT2 and always viewed that as a potential buy, it was 2nd runner up on my short list way back when I bought my Cooper AT3s (awesome tire). I know you didn't ask about the Cooper but it was fantastic, I mudded it, sand, beach, rain, never got stuck with it, but I also never buried my truck to the axles in mud or sand either.
  11. Idle air control valve is gummed, sticking. vacuum line iv drip fuel system cleaner is what fixed my truck when it would occasionally do the low rpm and black smoke dance. or it's your throttle body / throttle position sensor , or crank angle sensor (which is actually in the distributor, so the code about the distributor might be on).
  12. +1 Terranovation I REALLY don't like most newer cars on the roads these days, I just sold my 94 SE V6 and a 01 Altima to update our family vehicle / wife's daily driver which ended up being a 2002 4Runner SR5 2WD which we are both totally inlove with. If it hadn't been that truck, then it would most likely have been a 1st Gen Xterra, which we did test drive a couple of them. I like the body on frame design from both companies, and I liked the basic anvil like rugged, simple construction, they are akin to a good ole mutt dog, just honest, loyal, hard working, you can get it dirty and it's okay with it. Unlike a $3,000 designer dog which needs to be carried everywhere and doesn't know the meaning of a mud bath. If I were to today go and buy a rugged new car without spending a fortune in gold (Tacoma) it would probably be a Subie Crosstrek, or for a pickup truck probably a Desert runner / Pro 4x Frontier. Even though I own a Toyota and a Honda now, I'll always have Nissan brand loyalty in my heart. From my 81 diesel maxima / 810 to the 85 Maxima to my 91 D21 to my 80 280zx to my 94 Pathy to my wife's former daily driver (and driver learning car / 1st car) the 01 Altima, Nissans have always taken good care of me.
  13. When I was selling my pathfinder I took a long hard look at the X myself, and yes, I did start to come really close to trying to grab up a supercharged version. Those also come with the upgrade 300 watt sound system with the subwoofer. I liked how the trim and wheels looked on the SC versions, but I was concerned about buying a high mileage super charged vehicle and reliability. The other thing that I thought would probably drive me (or my wife, it really was supposed to be her daily driver) is the constant "whine" from the compressor. In the end I went a different direction entirely. I do think those X's (2000-2004) are really solid, dependable little tanks and I could still see a future where I might have one to myself, it's possible. Hell, it's a WD22, I mean..come on..right?
  14. Yea, stupidly I forgot to add the most basic and immediate item is ofcourse the clean Title, in TX it's called a "Blue" Title, not really sure why, may be because of the tint of the paper it's printed on. The Bill Of Sale was never intended or advertised as being a replacement for the title, it's just a basic receipt record for both parties. Buying and Selling a car seems to have gotten extremely complicated these days, when I sold the pathfinder, my buyer and I were sitting in my office at my desk doing paperwork and research on the internet and filling out title transfer applications and it just blew my mind. After this originally all started coming back to us, getting toll violations in the mail primarily, I called the TX Registration office and the Sherrifs dept and they all basically said OTHER than initially filing a Title transfer notification, I had no recourse beyond filing a police report with an officer. Since that time nothing has happened, aside from another toll violation, and I got a surprise when I called the office to discuss it, they said it had already been paid by someone! So I'm left guessing that maybe these folks know the mess they are creating and by now have hopefully transfered the title, and were aware that we were getting their violations in the mail and apparently took steps to correct it. One can only hope. So, I'm just thanking God that my old vehicle hasn't been used in a crime or horrific accident and we might finally be in the clear.
  15. Right, us as well in TX, sign the title, bill of sale and technically that's it. But until they actually transfer the title into their name, the plates on that car and the vin still reflect back to the previous owner in the event of a commision of a crime or an accident, then at that point, it is on the previous owner to prove he wasn't responsible. Everything else I mentioned isn't mandatory by law, just advised is all.
  16. You can check easily to determine if it's the rear pump motor or the nozzle (if the front windshield washer/pump combo is in good known working condition), remove the tubing from the rear pump and reattach to the front pump motor, if it still doesn't spray, then you know it's the nozzle that's clogged. If it does work then you know its the pump motor that's bad, in which case you can just get a small plastic T of the right size from a hardware store and just split off the front pump motor in two directions, so that when you hit the front sprayers, the rear window will get it also at the same time. I've recently discovered the if you strip the plastic off a tie wrap, the thin piece of metal left behind is a great tool for clearing clogged jets on small engine carburetors, I bet it would also work on the sprayer nozzles as well.
  17. This is going to be really short and simple and sweet: A. KEEP your license plates, the state you live in should have a website where you can print out temporary tags for your buyer B. Type up a bill of sale and describe everything from the seller to the buyer to the vehicle and vin number and date and agreed upon sale amount with witness and buyer / seller signature blocks and make a couple copies. C. Again, go on your states DMV website and find the Title Transfer Notification document, which you can either download, fill and sign and mail in, or you can complete online. This is to notify your DMV that you're selling your vehicle and it will no longer be in your name. D. Print out and fill out a title transfer application for the buyer, they sign it and submit that to the courthouse. And that's it, I'm telling you this mainly because I sold my Altima 2 months ago and the buyer still has yet to transfer the title, so now we're getting toll violations and vehicle registration renewal notices. Initially, I forgot to go online and complete the title transfer notification online like I should have, but I did finally get that done a few days ago when this was brought to my attention. We really have no airtight way to protect ourselves from whatever they might do while driving around in the car I sold them. I didn't know I could keep the license plates, I will definitely do that in the future, print the temp tags and force the buyer to go to the courthouse and get his side finished.
  18. Sorry to hear about that Flanker7. I myself just recently replaced two of my daily drivers with a slightly newer 4Runner, but the leadup search that finally brought me to that one consisted heavily of Xterras, Pathfinders and ofcourse the Toys, there just across the aisle. Luckily I had stumbled across this website: http://www.carcomplaints.com/Nissan/Pathfinder/ and saw that problem with all the 2005 and up Nissans, so after that, I told everyone that would listen to me, mainly other car sales people that were trying to sell us a newer car than 2004 - 2001, the newer the better, right? I had to tell all of them 'Nuh Uh man...you're not getting ME into that lease or the really pretty 2007 Xterra over there...nope, nooo way. They gremlins in the transmission' I wish I could have been there for you man. We got a 02 4Runner SR5 now, 2 wheel drive only, it's my wife's daily driver and we're both head over heals completely inlove with that truck. I think I agree with Adamzan there above, probably the most direct route, and your vehicle is still plenty young enough to validate the repair. Good luck.
  19. Are you cruising Carnival? I've only been on one and it was a Carnival boat, the Liberty. Regardless of carrier, when you go through your booking, it should allow your to pick what kind of room you want, Interior, Port Hole, Balcony or Suite. The Interior rooms are tiny and have no view, it's a cell. Port Hole rooms are the same size as Interior but it has a small window. Balcony is a fair sized room, very ideal for one or two people with a good 8 foot by maybe 3 - 4 foot balcony directly above the water. Suites are larger, probably 300 square feet I'm guessing. I'm not sure if these have a balcony or not...sorry. Then you pick what floor and what part of the ship you want your room at. You want to go with a nice sound sandwich where you've got rooms above and below you, and probably somewhere near the front of the ship, Forward. The Bridge was directly above our room, we were on the 7th floor which is Empress. For a balcony room, it's pretty much floors 5 - 9, and there really is no difference between them as far as niceness or trim. However, floor 9 is Lido Deck which has the exterior party deck, a couple small liquor stalls, kids pool, big movie screen and it gets very loud and crowded here. That would be mid ship. Aft deck 9 has the adult pool. All the clubs, casino, arcade is on the 5th floor from mid to aft so you don't really want to be on deck 6, The Upper deck cuz you're right above all the action. Deck 6, 7 and 8 are pretty much all just rooms. WE had a perfect room, deck 7, forward with a balcony. It was quiet and far removed from all the madness.
  20. Hey guys I just wanted to drop in and say hi and that my family and I just got off a 4 day cruise at 9 am this morning. We went down to Cozumel and came back to Galveston, TX. We learned a lot about cruising. Mainly, if it's your first time and you're not a Party Bro, that 4 Day'r is perfect and seems to take about a week. A multi-port-o-call 5 or 7 day cruise would seem to take an eternity. My wife and son and I just finished mowing our front and back yards half an hour ago, just because we needed the activity. It was fun but CRAP we were glad to be back home. I don't really like to drink too much..err...hardly any, at all...just because...don't know why, I'm just not a drinking party guy, which you don't have to be to enjoy a cruise but it sure helps pass the time. Especially if you're a loud, extroverted, boisterous person. For the rest of you, you'll eat, go back to your room so it helps to have a nice room with a balcony. You'll roam around and explore the ship. We had no interest in getting into any of the pools, mainly for hygienic purposes so swimming for you is a personal choice...but probably not. You sleep, read a book, watch tv, maybe try to catch one of the shows. One and a half days travel each way with 4 or 5 hours spent on the Island. That's all I'm going to open with for now, any questions? Anyone considering a cruise? Greg
  21. Yep..I always wanted those, always thought they were the coolest...those are hard to find now. The American Racing Outlaws atleast are still being made but all those old school directional saw blade types are gone, this what you have is one type, there is a cheaper knockoff similar to these but obviously not as cool and I think the rim might even be steel. On those cheaper knockoffs, it seems like the "blades" are sorta rounded off, where as yours are very pointed. Those ones with the rounded off blades I always thought looked like crap. There's another type that looks kinda like a feathered / flame type directional saw blade aluminum rim and those look good too....I think there's two or three different types of those. Your truck looks good, that would be a fun little runabout. It'd be fun out in the desert.
  22. Those AR outlaw rims are worth atleast $250 - $300 just by themselves. When I had my Pathy, I tried and tried to find those classic old school rims and never could, like the directional saw blade type and those Outlaw were always too expensive. You've got $500 in just the rims, tires, CAI and rear bagged suspension, the truck itself was basically free plus taxes and transfer fees.
  23. You need to go south, where there is no snow, not north. Good 4x4s are hard to sell down here because nobody wants to pay what they are worth so you end up with little or no rust vehicles with straight body and clean interior for about half the asking price of a snow belt 4x4. My 94 SE with low mileage 31" Cooper A/Ts auto 4x4, nice sound, straight, no issues, clean interior, for sale on CL for 5 or 6 months at 2800, 2500, 2300, 2000...and then finally I just had to let her go at 1850, course my truck did have 217,000 miles on it but the timing belt had already been done at 200,000 before that. So, you might wanna think about getting a trailer and finding a deal in Texas or Louisiana....check northeast Texas CL, I saw they had some stuff there...Yes, $3500 too high, that should be perfect condition for a wd21, you can get some really clean and straight R50s for that down here.
  24. I had mine for sale for like 6 months, finally had to give in at $1850, which sucked hard because my truck was really clean, inside and out, with really nice tires...but no one would give it what it deserved, I finally had to just let her go. It's hard to sell old 4x4s for any real cash in Houston though, cuz we don't get snow and it's next to impossible to find places to go offroading legally, so no one really cares that it's a good condition WD21, they just see an old car, nothing special.
  25. I'm not sure which truck Byob is referring to, but, I do find it odd that the pics of the red two door look a little grainy, as if they've been resized, that to me is usually a sign of a scam and they've stolen someone elses pics and reposted, and I don't like the fact that everything looks really new, like the BFG spare tire and a full new set of Hankooks, and there are no right side exterior pics, I've fallen victim before to some clever "exclusive" photography where the vehicle looks awesome but you go to look at it and find it's got some issues that you couldn't see in the photos. The 92 looks good to me for that low amount of money, for less than $1,500 I'd say that's right on. But I'm in Texas, and I guess we charge a lot more for our vehicles here. $1,500 is what you spend on a basic piece of crap and don't expect much from in my area. If you're a first time CL buyer, don't be surprised if you look at atleast 10 - 15 different trucks before you finally find the right one, cuz probably 90 % or so of the ones you actually go and look at will turn out to be dogs.

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