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  1. I would try that but I bought the shaft with the boots on it. I think I will get some of those Rockford boots and throw those on there. I'm sure dropping the front end 1/2" would probably do it too but I love the way the truck looks right now. Thanks!
  2. So the last couple times I have gone off roading my Pathfinder I have town at least one CV boot. This last time I tore the right inner and the left outer CV boots. I have a 4x4parts.com 3" leveling suspension lift and Mile Marker manual hubs but everything else is stock. Are the boots themselves crap or is there an upgrade I should be able to get? I replaced both CV axles at the end of December, tore the left outer at the end of January and then this weekend when I went off roading tore the ones I mentioned earlier. I wish I had the money/time because I would be looking into a SFAS real fast lol.
  3. Glad to hear that these are finally almost to us lol. WOOHOO!!
  4. How much should I expect to pay to have the timing belt changed? I could possibly get my best friend to do it (he's a professional mechanic) but he works a lot and there is a trustworthy mechanic right down the street from my parent's house. I'm currently deployed and I plan on having my Pathfinder running like a champ when I get back. It has 113,000miles and I bet that it is the stock belt.
  5. I would really like to know if there is going to be a visible difference between the with/without tweeters. I guess if there is a difference I will have to find a passenger side pillar with the tweeter as well. Unless we can get a matching passenger pillar pod with gauges to amuse my fiancee while we are out wheeling lol.
  6. I painted some tail lenses on my old SRT4 with the lens paint and then put clear over them and the clear actually damaged the lens paint. The paint is meant to be left as is and is apprently VERY resilient to standard fading factors. Just my experience though, not saying it's a guarantee.
  7. This is awesome! I can't wait to tear into my Pathfinder, not going as extreme as yours but I am loving the pictures!! Keep it coming!
  8. Ok, I REALLY want one of the three gauge pillar pods without a tweeter...that being said I would be happy to have a two gauge pod as well because it's two gauges more than I can fit up there now I sent a PM to Dowser but I figured I would post as well.
  9. I had a Blazer that had a rear tire carrier like the factory installed one on the Pathfinders and I will never get another vehicle with a tire carrier like that. I have noticed that it will bend the body if it is thrown open (which appears to have happened on every vehicle I have seen with one) and I'm sure it isn't properly supported. My suggestion would be to ditch it and get a bumper mounted carrier. Just my $0.02.
  10. If you decide to get rid of the fender flares I will gladly buy them off you Help pay for the new wheels.
  11. It sounds to me like you have a Lock Right in the rear end. It could be a Detroit locker but from what other people have said it sounds to me like you have a Lock Right...Congratulations!! Perhaps one of the previous owners saved you a $300 upgrade that will make it really awesome off road!
  12. Ok, well thank you for clearing that up for me! I guess the mechanic I talked to had no idea what he was talking about when it came to VG heads. Sorry for the misinformation and thank you for enlightening me!!
  13. Not shim the heads, shim the buckets that go over the valve springs. I don't know exactly, I have never taken a VG30 head apart. IIRC correctly even my DOHC Saturn had rocker arms. Like I said, that was just what the mechanic told me. I will probably build the VG30 for a sand rail or something after I pull it out of my Pathfinder. I had a 1985 300ZX several years ago and I have a love for the Nissan 6 cylinders from 240Zs to 300ZX Twin Turbos. I just don't like the VG30 in my Pathfinder because it takes up too much space to be easy to work on. I definitely need to download the FSM when I get back to the States! Sorry if I was misleading, I was trying to help out with what I heard from a reliable mechanic (seems like an oxymoron lol). Definitely didn't mean to tell someone else's lie.
  14. I think you should find a Hardbody with a KA24DE in it, get the wiring harness, motormounts and engine and swap that in there and document it really well so I have a clear idea of what I'm looking at getting myself into lol. I talked to a mechanic and he was telling me that the VGs are notorious for valve noise even on freshly rebuilt heads because they are shimmed or something. I hope that you can get the engine rebuilt fairly inexpensively and get your Pathfinder back on the road!! Good luck!
  15. Have you checked to make sure that you have no intake leaks? My intake hose going from my MAF to my TB is torn allowing a lot of air to bypass the MAF and the computer seems to sense this and just start throwing fuel at it. I am getting about the same mileage you are but I know I have that intake leak, the manifolds aren't sealed, the exhaust pipe is broken before the two banks come together...so I know it has some issues that need resolved. I have a book all about building and tuning EFI and from reading it I gathered that, especially for 4x4, if you can have MAF that is what you want because the volumetric efficiency of an engine changes over the course of time due to wear. Sounds like the M30 ECU is definitely the way to go!!
  16. If you go 32x11.50s do they rub with factory backspacing?
  17. Congratulations on the sweet ride! I replaced the seal on the top of my tank and it was pretty breezy and definitely worth the time spent. It was a PITA to find the correct seal though. I only noticed a fuel smell while I was wheeling or for the first quarter tank after fill up though.
  18. I have been considering the swap to a KA24DE as well. I am thinking that if I do the 2.6L stroker, plus cams, proper tune, 9.0:1 or 9.5:1 compression, and a small turbo running about 6-8psi you would have a truck that ran extremely similar to a lightly modded VG30 with a set of spark plugs that could be changed without first gelatinizing (I made that word up ) your skeleton. I am a huge fan of turbo charged cars so I have been looking at 240SXs with the SR20DET for quite some time. The biggest complaint about for the 240 guys is that it is heavy and doesn't rev out like a SR20. We are not as concerned with weight for offroad vehicles and the lack of torque in the SR20 would make it, IMHO, useless in a Pathfinder. I had a Dodge Neon SRT4 and, say what you want about it, that thing had MASSIVE torque and still got 29mpg on the freeway. According to the Brian Crower website the 2.6L stroker kit gives close to the same stroke as a Neon SRT4 but with a larger bore. You can all tell me if I've lost my mind, but right now it is making logical sense in my head...did I mention I have been up for nearly 22 hours? lol
  19. I vote a set of headers! That's what I did because my cross-over (or possibly midpipe) pipe is cracked entirely in two. Of course a set of Pacesetter headers is over $300 and Thorleys are over $400, if you can find them.
  20. I ordered bumpers from TAG today. The guy that called me was super nice and said that he has a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder as well. They also offer a 5% military discount. Not a whole lot but it did chop shipping in half basically. They won't be done until the end of June beginning of July is what he told me. The front end should get fixed shortly after Memorial Day weekend. RR motor mounts, all suspension bushings and Thorley headers are next on the list. I should have the headers, motor mounts and suspension bushings on before I get the bumpers. Now I have to impatiently...I mean patiently, wait for my parts to arrive. My motorycle will be done before Memorial Day weekend though!
  21. Thanks a million! I looked on there before and somehow missed the suspension lifts altogether! I had a run in with a Jeep today Now my hood is bent and the bumper needs replaced soon. I know a guy that has a D21 he has done a TON of work to and he said he can get it fixed for pretty cheap though. I feel so bad!!
  22. Given $2000 and a bone stock WD21 SE-V6 4x4 what would you guys do? I'm thinking headers, 3" lift, 2.5" exhaust and RR polyurethane motor mounts. Of course I am pretty sure it needs ALL the suspension bushings replaced...Can I do that when I put the lift on or would I need a shop to do some of it? Thanks for your help Slick, and I don't think I have mentioned but I am currently jealous of all your trucks lol. ::sigh:: Mine will be there as soon as I can make it all work! Thank you for your compliments and after having one for a short while I must say I am hard pressed to believe that any other factory 4x4 offers so much for the price of a Pathy! Yeah, I was looking at the torsion bars myself today thinking that they need to be cranked up some. I will probably do it after work tomorrow if I get enough of my online class done today. A VG33 sounds pretty sweet but I have always wanted to build an engine from the block so I figure a little research and a donor Z31 or Pathy at a junkyard will yield up a sound long block for cheap. Thanks a million for the support, I know I have found the right spot for all my Pathy love EDIT: Precise1, I just read your thread about Calmini's severe lack of support for their product and although the kit looks really nice I believe customer support is more important than good prices. Is there another 3" lift that is recommended?
  23. If you would like to swap rear axles I would be more than happy to trade for discs lol. The drum brakes probably work better (semi trucks use drums) but I want the discs because they are so much easier to change when I have to do a brake job lol. AS far as the TAG bumper goes, that is just the look that I want. Any idea how wide the factory flares are? Even if they are an inch I could go 32x11.50s and be happy, while saving a few bucks when I buy tires. I think since all I want is a 3" suspension lift 33s may be a little big. Any idea how the fiberglass front fenders from 4x4parts.com work? I like the look and they would give me the flare I want I think, then I would just need some rear flares. Is there a specific WD21 I should look for for the rear axle swap? I have looked at every Pathy since I bought mine looking for rear discs and have yet to see a single one (including the body style after mine). Thanks for your help Nunya!! EDIT: Never mind on the fiberglass fenders, they are a 4" wider fender so way overboard. I will look at some generic ones.
  24. Thank you all for your interest and welcomes! Yes, I will have a little bit of money to play with, the biggest problem will be allowing myself to not have the truck while it's getting new parts lol. The first thing I was thinking of doing was the headers because of the exhaust leak then getting a full 2" header back exhaust done at a shop in Tucson that has done the exhaust work on all my vehicles I have been able to get there. What is the FSM download? Those TAG bumpers are EXACTLY what I wanted thanks a ton for the link. Most of the work to the truck will probably get done when I deploy next year. Like the engine build and suspension work. I have thought about doing the suspension before I deploy but then I will want bigger tires, which will make me want more power, which will lead to the never ending cycle of missing weekends driving because I'm working on the truck lol. Since I can't take the truck to Afghanistan with me I may as well pay someone to do all the upgrades so that I come home to a truck that is just how I wanted it. One of the things I forgot to ask about was 2" fender flares to keep 33x12.50s inside the fender wells and to confirm that I can get a disc brake rear end from a newer Pathy to put on mine. The rear drums annoy me to no end lol. Thanks again for your welcome and interest in my truck!
  25. I was involved in an accident on April 2, 2011 that totaled my 2001 Chevrolet 2500HD Duramax and put my motorcycle in the shop. As I was now without a ride and doing a lot of traveling for work made rentals a royal PITA I decided to look for cheap transportation to get me to and from work until I got paid for my truck. While going to look for at a Suburban I ran across a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder SE-V6 that said $1500, 4x4 and A/C on the windshield. I test drove it and looked it over and was able to purchase it for $1300. It needed new tires, a radio and some TLC but everything worked except the passenger door tumbler. So other than only being able to unlock it from the driver's side I was VERY happy with it. Immediately after buying it and getting some new tires I decided that it needed to be tested off road to see how it did. I have been nothing shortly of astounded by how well this thing does off road. It has the typical exhaust leak due to broken studs on the manifold and the red interior isn't the prettiest but I have been able to go places that my co-worker's Jeep Rubicon (with locking differentials) was not able to follow. After a short while of owning this truck my initial thoughts of possibly selling it once I got paid for my Silverado have vanished! So now comes the plan (which is where these forums are most highly anticipated). I realize that the weakest point right now is that I don't have locking differentials, I plan to get a set of ARB air lockers for the front and rear. I browsed through Rugged Rocks website and I really want to get the Calmini 3" suspension lift and Doug Thorley headers. Upgraded alternator, clutch, bumpers and roof rack are also in order. I would like to add rocker panel sliders, skid plates for the entire underside and front and rear bumpers. For the engine I would like to go 12:1 compression with forged pistons and rods along with bigger injectors, fuel pump and a good fuel pressure regulator all tied together with a piggy back fuel management computer and an AEM UEGO wideband O2 sensor. So far Rugged Rocks has been the only website I have found that has much for these but I know there has to be plenty of other sites. Thanks for reading and I look forward to what people have to say about my truck and my plans for it! Shortly after buying it As it sat when I found it The carnage that got me my favorite vehicle I have ever owned with 4 wheels (this being my eleventh)
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