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  1. Ok fair enough, I'll do some research. Ok my problem now is to whether or not I'm going to try just changing the belt or just replacing the motor. I don't want to have to go through the blood sweat and tears not the mention the expense of changing the belt if it turns out that the motor is shot because of bent valves. There probably isn't a way to check if the valves are bent?
  2. Ok so yesterday my worst fears have been confirmed. Its the timing belt!! I had a mechanic come to my house and look at it. He owns the shop that is across the street. He saw that it wasn't getting any spark so he check the distributor and saw that the button wasn't turning. Then he did something weird, he put his fingers in the spot where you fill the oil, checking the lifters I suppose. I tried turning it over and nothing. He said he couldn't feel them moving and with that distributor not moving it must be the timing belt. Anyone have any other opinions? Unless its possible the distributor went out but while driving it doesn't make sense. Plus I thought that when the timing belt goes the distributor still turns? And wouldn't the timing belt make all sorts of noise in there like sounds things hitting each other like valves bending and the belt moving around? So does anyone know where to get a motor? Anyone here near me that could help? lol. How much should I be paying for a motor? And is a 3.3 a direct swap?
  3. Thanks. I think they turned out really nice looking. A lot better then I was expecting.
  4. Anyone know how much a new motor would cost for a shop to put in this beast?
  5. Nothing yet. There's a shop across the street where I'm just gonna have them look at it. Not gonna tell them that I think it's the timing belt because they would probably be just too happy to charge me for that.
  6. I actually really thought about doing that. But I couldn't make up my mind
  7. Ok how do I rotate the crank with a socket?
  8. Ok so here are some pictures. I think they look good. They have that black chrome look I was going for.
  9. Ok so this morning me and friend go out there to start looking at the stupid thing. Now the battery died so I had to jump start it, still nothing. First thing we check is the distributor cap and check to see if its cracked or anything like that. It looks to be in really good condition. Then we basically just sat there just thinking of what it could be. I'm not very good at diagnosis, but when it comes to fixing it I can do that I just need to know what I need to fix. the only luck that I had was when I took off one of the wires and check the plug wire to see if there was spark coming from the wire, and nothing. So is there is suppose to be spark coming from the wire or should I just take off the spark plug with the wire attached and look for spark that way? I have a short video of what it sounds like. The first part of the video is when the battery was dead so I had to jump it. the second part is when I tried to start it. It actually didn't sound like this when it first died. When it first died the whole engine would kinda of jerk when trying to start, at least as far as I remember it was a few days ago. Now it sounds either like something electrical or the stupid thing is flooded from trying to start it so much. If i can't get it fixed today it looks like I'll be driving my illegal car to work tomorrow. [media=]http://youtu.be/P-qbMXLq-DM[/media]
  10. Ok so I checked it out and peeled back the carpet and took the cover off, so Im looking at the 2 fuel lines and a few sets of wires that come out of the top of the fuel tank I believe. Do I need to take that top piece off to check the lines from there?
  11. Thank you guys for the help. Any other things you can think of will help. Tomorrow I will posting a video of what it sounds like when i try to start it up.
  12. Ok that sounds interesting because I often run the tank on E before I fill it up, so I'm sure that has been messing with the fuel filter and all sorts of stuff. So how do I go about checking that and telling whether or not they need to be cleaned? I
  13. hey. I'm definitely going to check the spark plugs out tomorrow. I'm already having to call out of work again tomorrow, Its been above 100 degrees everyday so working on it has been difficult. I'm really hoping that I can fix this like in the next day or so.

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