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  1. You can also spray your belts with CRC or what ever you guys get over there and it should shut them up temporarily if thats the cause. Worn, or slightly loose belts can make that sort of sound
  2. Diesel Boy

    Happy Birthday

    Cheers everyone!!!! Havn't posted much on here in a while, but been watchin I'm getting old huh
  3. Or sucked some crap up from the bottom of the tank and blocked the filter..............
  4. Diesel Boy


    Well does it look like the seal you pulled out?? Do the numbers match?? Does it measure up to be the same??
  5. My truck as of last weekend: Very un-kool pic of me: A clip of the Patrol in action: (must have sound up http://www.offroadexpress.co.nz/images/alb.../Pathfinder.wmv
  6. How did you get on with this in the end?? Just to clear up the glow plug thing: On a TD27, the Glow plugs turn off soon after light goes out. Pre-Combustion chambers have been heated to a temperature suitable to allow engine to run. The intake manifold heater then kicks in and heats the intake manifold and the air passing through it to enable the engine to warm up quickly. You can double glow the engine if its very cold outside, glo, turn key off then back on again and wait for the light to go out the second time. Sounds to me like their is something funny with the pic up in the fuel tank, or a small sealing problem in one of the fuel lines. Easiesy way to check is to remoce the tank inpection cover from under the carpet in the rear of the vehicle, remove the intake fuel like and pressurise with compressed air (carefully) look for a gradual decrease in pressure in the fuel line (may need to rig up a pressure gauge too). Either that or get some one to folow the fuels lines looking for fuel spraying out. Could be something as simple as a loose hose clamp..........ya never know. Cheers, Pete.
  7. It could be the coil. Coils can start to break down when hot. Could also be the cold start circut on the engine not switching off when up to opperating temp, and the engine is actually overfueling causing it to run rough. There will be a vacum hose that can be dissconnected and blocked off to make a simple test to rule out the cold start circut out. Someone with the v6 will point out were to look for the hose!!
  8. I just wish when people PM'd me from this site it would come through in my email Edit: I fixed it, email settings were wrong
  9. Hey man Good to have another NZ'r on here!!!! I don't own a Terrano these days, but still float around here and help out with the TD27(t) related stuff when i can, as well as knowledge of whats available in NZ for the vehicle!!! These guys have a wealth of knowledge from small things such as repairing the headlight switch to lifting your truck 6" so you can run 33"s. In the states they didn't get the TD27(t) engine, only the VG30 v6, but for everything else that isn't engine related, this is THE PLACE to come!!!!! If your into getting off road, drop into www.offroadexpress.co.nz, there's not a whole lot of tech stuff there but i'm the moderator of the Nissan forums and help out with what i can. What does happen there is a sh!t load of small trips all round the country organised by individuals from the site. Great fun, ya meet some really good people, and find places you never new existed to go 4wheeling!!!. Drop in and sign up if your looking to get out and about, and come here for all your tech stuff!!!! I'm based in Hamilton these days, where do you hide?? Cheers, Pete.
  10. Sorry!! Sorry!! But if it gives someone inspriation to do the same to a PF that has longer travel IFS to start with than a Toymotor, than am i excused??
  11. Warning The poster absolves him self from all repair bills relating to spilt coffee on key boards, expenses incurred in cleaning computer screens, and any treatment relating to emotional or physical trauma and/or mental health counciling. IFS can be improved significantly:
  12. Hmm. But if a power steering hose burst or an oil feed to a turbo........ But the chances of that happening???
  13. Tell her to call an autosparky (automotive electrician) out to have look. Also check the linkage onto the side of the gearbox from the shift lever. Best start looking for a second hand trans if those two things check out to be all right.
  14. The best tool for the ol filter is a special filter wrench that is a circular band or steel that slips over the filter and as you lever on the handle it tightens the band of steel onto the filter and locks so you can undo it. Then there's the part of actually getting the filter out of the engine bay after you've taken it off....... Make sure you do it some where you don't mind spilling oil on. You will get it everywhere!!!!!! If ya want a pic of the filter wrench so you can track one down i'l get one for ya. There really cheap and make the job so much easier!!!! Pete. PS,You have proper diesel engine oil for it don't you?? Not just ordinary motor oil!!!!

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