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  1. how's the qx?

  2. someone buy my 99 qx4 $1000

  3. finally got it. bad maf sensor had a small crack on the board, but noticed I'm leaking a lot from the valve covers 209k. looking at a swap any recommendations ? I got the crappy 3.3
  4. Carlisle makes the wheels and they also make green ball tires. there the same company. like Goodyear is dunlop and Kelly. Michelin makes bfg and uniroyal. brigdestone makes Firestone. Cooper-continental. one thing I have learned being in the industry and riding crotch rockets in the past is that you don't go cheap on tires and wheels. there the only thing keeping you planted on the ground. as far as wheeling we all know traction Is key to moving up and through a trail/track
  5. it does happen where sets are "out of round" the crappy thing about steel wheels is they really are never true. they are 3 separate pieces of steel welded together. not a single piece. , I used to see it on occasion when I ran the tire shop.
  6. unique wheel is owned by Carlisle tire co. discount tire/americas tires uses them a lot. they make the procomp steel wheels also.its the same company they just put there label on it ike Nissan/infiniti. Honda Acura.. like mb wheels from discount tire there made by a company called leoho they make a lot of OEM gm wheels. Honda wheels. velox wheels.
  7. @!*% I am in for a group buy if still looking
  8. dizzy is a nissan oem from dealer. fuel filter also changed forgot to put that in original post. I am afraid to drive it I don't want to get stranded anywhere, code pulled was for ego clog
  9. hello everyone so last night on the way home I was at a stop light for a few minutes, my 199.5 qx4 just shut off random had to restart no problems after that. I have had this happen another time about a year ago, anyone have any ideas? also sometimes when trying to start in the morning it will run for a second then shut off have to crank the engine over again to restart. new battery, dizzy.plugs.etc any ideas? thanks everyone
  10. I had 265/70r16 on my qx4 when I bought it. was not lifted all stock I had no issues with rubbing, they were a bit worn down so the overall diameter wassailer then new
  11. I still have mine available. just shoot me a pm if you would still like them
  12. you can have my set also, pay the shipping and there yours. off my 99.5 qx4
  13. Is your ]s equipped with EGR valve? I had my qx give me the same code, I cleaned out the egr solenoid and tube and the light went out after reset
  14. I built my rear tire gas carrier in garage. bought a bumper off someone for the front. front one is not the prettiest but I am also working on a new front one so that I can chuck this one away. email me for pics,i have hard time uploading them on here
  15. Did you take your truck back to DTC/ATC to have them 180 the tires?
  16. The general grabber UHP. Good tire. what size are you looking into? also type of driving ?vehicle? Hankook makes the ventus which is also a great tire a bit of body roll due to a softer sidewall so bumping up 4-7 PSI above rec vehicle pressure will compensate. both are very affordable.
  17. the 9449 are really nice, I think they ride smooth. I'm used to driving big machinery these days so when I drive the qx its pretty comfy. the misses also says the ride is nice since the swap.
  18. installed model 9449 same height as ac could and 2 inch spacer kit. ride is a lot better feeling . I was expecting more lift but got the same could be due to custom made tire and gas can swing out. that I want to post pics of but am not to fancy with the laptop to post on here to share
  19. match the red dot. you paid for a service. tires are more likely to be out of round then a wheel "rim" is. as its not a permeable item.
  20. Take it back. it used to be a company policy to match them up when I was there. it should still be. why pay for a job not done correct. also over time as the tire ears down it'll lose its natural round form ,thus why folk experience rider disturbance over the duration of tread life remaining,proper balance and alignment tire and both wheel alignment are key to ride comfort and tire longevity. protect your investment its the only thing on your vehicle that is touching the ground and keeping it planted.
  21. Tire should be turned until the yellow dot is at the valve stem or in your case tams unit. its the low side on the tire the valve will compensate for a little of the weight removal. 17oz I would have 180'd the tire or sent it back, I used to work for americas/discount tire for 14 years. I got a little knowledge on the rubber side haha.
  22. pay the freight and you can have my old one off my qx4 silver in color, just finished my rear. upper carrier. build so its on the side of the house
  23. I have the AC medium duties on my qx4 and it still sags. had to install airbags. I have noticed for me that the AC is garbage stuff.
  24. As soon as mine get here. and installed I will let everyone know about the install and quality. stay tuned. There customer service was great. friendly and prompt. the type of folks I like doing business with.

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