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  1. Any update on your issue? My 98 pathy is doing the same, engine light sending P0500 for VSS, and I did notice the O/D flash a bunch the other day. I am having a hard time locating the VSS on the trans, is it near the front or back? and on the drivers side? Any photos or tips appreciated. I got my vehicle back from the shop and spent a bucket of money, and then the next day the speedo stopped working...
  2. Yup that was it! Totally blanked on removing the motor to get access... thanks! Now the latest issue haha. The squeak is gone and the wipers work but I can't seem to get them positioned correctly. I've actually tried multiple starting positions for the arms (closer to hood, or higher up on windshield) and they always get pulled down way too far off the windshield glass and hit hard every time. Here is a video. Does anyone have any ideas? Seems like I will have to take everything apart again. Perhaps when I connected the new wiper linkage to the motor something wasn't set all the way to 'zero' if you will...
  3. UPDATE: turns out components were broken in my wiper LINKAGE. I have ordered new parts, but am still confused on how I will detach and attach the new linkage to the wiper motor.... see video for reference.
  4. Hey, Has anyone ever had luck replacing the wiper arm for the drivers side? Not the blade, and not the motor but the arm. My windshield always has a section that isn't getting wiped, and I've always had an awful squeak when using the wipers... I've tried 4 different blades, the WD 40 trick, vinegar wash trick, even a new windshield has been on and I would still get a squeak. Recently I was at my wits end and tried bending the arm a bit only to make the un wiped part worse, and we get tons of rain here in BC on the coast so I need to solve this issue asap. The scrapper in squamish doesn't have the part, I did find one site in the states but I believe it will cost me around $120 CAD after shipping, customs, etc. Are there any generic brands that would fit? I've done tons of googling and calling auto stores to no avail. Thanks, Max
  5. Just found out you can find the factory recommended pressure on the inside of drivers door, which sounds like is 26psi based on this thread.
  6. I need to figure out what to do to mine. Running BFG All Terrain K02 on the stock 1998 Pathfinder Chilkoot rims. Noticed the pressure looked uneven so I bought a pressure tester and they were allllll over the place! Bad wear on one tire. On the actual tire it says pressure not to exceed 50psi at 1895lbs or something. Put them all up to 40psi but that seems like way too much based on this thread. Will release them down to 35 each today. Any other suggestions?
  7. 1998 R50 I have a 1998 r50, 3.3l v6 auto. About 2.5 weeks ago I started hearing a bit of a scratching or squealing sound when I would turn the wheel sharply (usually in parking lots). I didn't think much of it at first but it seemed to be getting progressively worse. Steering fluid level is fine. One shop looked quickly for me and said they thought the belt was slipping when I would turn the wheel in park with engine on. Another shop in my town said they did a pressure test and I am in need of a new steering pump (and may as well but on new belts at the same time for another $130.56). The quote for only the steering pump and labour is $555.45 which I thought was very steep. $338.85 for the part + $216.60 for labour ($555.45 CAD). They also say its time for new outer tie rods, which will also require an alignment. $115.84 for parts and $136.80 for labour, plus an alignment after for $114.00. Also a new air filter. All in all after tax this totals $1,256.06 CAD (943.66155 USD). Does this seem like normal pricing you would expect? FYI I am in Squamish BC and only moved here a year ago so I do not have a go-to shop here yet. Any suggestions? I know steering pumps can be found for much cheaper than $338.85 online Thanks
  8. Thanks for the kind offer. Will try and find a solution locally but great to know that is an option. I figure paying customs at the border and shipping to canada may be a bit expensive.
  9. Cracked a cross bar on my roof rack of my 98 pathy. Pretty sure I loaded up the cargo box a bit too heavy and send it pretty good on the FSR's in BC. I have messaged a few ads on Craigslist selling parts cars but no luck yet. Has anyone purchased replacement before? Any third party brand that makes something made top fit? cheers
  10. The Lordco near me quoted on some parts. They didn't have the quick struts (pre assembled) in stock but here's what they do have: Prices in CAD 140 each for the struts 76 each mounts 200 for the set of springs I think I'm going to buy the parts and see if I can tackle this with a buddy. I'm pretty new at this but he has a bit more experience than me haha.
  11. Will a couple of these get me off in a good direction? https://www.amazon.ca/KYB-335016-Excel-G-Replacement-Strut/dp/B000CODES4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1531852625&sr=8-2&keywords=1998+nissan+pathfinder+struts Any other suggestions? I spend most of my time in the pathfinder driving on the highway and turning off onto forest service roads to go camping etc on the weekend. The pathfinder does take a good beating! I should get new coils as well?
  12. Sweet - just thought of a friend who may have a bit of experience with this as well as some tools. Gonna see if he's able to help me and if so I will get your guys recommendations on parts!
  13. Hey guys- My 98 pathy has slowly turned into a floaty boat over the last year. The bounce in the front of it after going slowly over a speedbump or even going fast on the sea to sky highway but hitting a light dip in the road--- can be a little sketch when driving 110km. I have no tools and very limited knowledge so I don't believe this is a swap I could do myself... My usual shop in Vancouver (I won't name them) has quoted me ~$1420 CAD before tax to have the front struts replaced and necessary components (bumps stops and bellows kit, stabilizer bar end links, wheel alignment). Is this a fair price from a shops perspective for this work based on your experiences? Money is super tight at the moment so I would like to find a cheaper solution if possible. Also- am I at risk of drastically damaging something or getting in an accident should I continue driving with the brutal front struts for a while until I can save up? Thanks so much
  14. Wow yeah they were and they actually were burned out! Won't be buying those again... Couldn't believe they went in 7 months
  15. Has this happened to anyone else? Yesterday someone flagged me down to tell me my headlights were off, sure enough they were switched on, but the bulbs weren't illuminating. The high beams work perfectly however. I installed these headlights about 7 months ago, so they definitely wouldn't be dead yet and even so, the chances of them burning out on the same day seems very slim. I haven't had a chance to check the fuses yet- but does anyone else have any recommendations on what to check or look for? This is on my 98 chilkoot edition. Thanks

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