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  1. What was the fix for the vibration?
  2. jjonez

    98 QX4 Cruise Control Problems

    Yeah check what they said before you lose hope. If the cruise "ready" function still works but "set" does not, and it just happened all the sudden, then most likely the piece they're talking about fell out. Look for bits of plastic in the driver footwell. You can replace the part with an appropriate nut and bolt if you don't want to buy the part.
  3. jjonez

    4x4 Conversion. I did it.

    Dude I am OBSESSED with 4runners, I probably know more about them than 99% of 4runner owners. Tacoma's too. I'd love a mint 3rd gen with a manual, my dad had one until it was wrecked, but they are just tooooo rare and expensive to justify for me. Speaking of pics, where can we see your 03 v8??
  4. Maybe I missed it reading through the thread, but I'm curious how you sourced your new engine. I'd imagine it'd be pretty tough to find a used engine from an '02 5 speed, let alone one in decent shape. Also really curious to see the cause of engine failure. My money is also on oil consumption leading to starvation. Sucks there's not really one identified root cause and a definitive fix. I've read it could be anything from bad rings, excessive cylinder taper, bad PCV valve, bad valve cover baffles, and of course the more obvious power valves. Am i missing anything? Haha
  5. jjonez

    What's this thing?

    Installed the new sensor/harness today. Also changed the oil cuz I'm paranoid. The truck was running fine before and after the install. Hopefully I can officially put the lid on this and not reopen this thread again a month from now. Oh and this thread was really helpful in getting at the sensor.
  6. jjonez

    What part number for Bilsteins?

    33-185552 is a common choice which are about 2" longer than stock extended and compressed. I think 33-104652 might be what you're looking for. It's got an extra 2" extended on the 185552 and 1" compressed. This site has a list of all the 5125
  7. jjonez

    What's this thing?

    Yea after I wiggled the harness a bit the resistance went from something like 5k ohms to 3k ohms then the truck ran fine. I went ahead and ordered a new sensor/sub harness just to be thorough. The AIV box has a spiraling channel along the outside that looks like it's supposed to drain out water, but apparently not well enough. An additional hole straight thru might be a good idea. I'm also thinking of just removing the AIV stuff between smog checks to keep it fresh.
  8. jjonez

    What's this thing?

    Ok, so maybe it's the coolant temp sensor after all. The issue came back worse than ever today after I did some poking around under the hood. I pulled a spark plug and it had heavy fresh carbon deposits on it as well as inside the cylinder and the tailpipe (I checked the tailpipe recently and it was pretty clean). Also it looked like the throttle body butterfly had a thin layer of fuel just sitting on top of it. Can this sensor cause the injectors to dump excess fuel? I checked the ecu again and this time of course it showed 13, so I hope replacing the sensor is all it takes.
  9. jjonez

    What's this thing?

    Thanks for the replies. Mine passes CA emissions just fine even when it had the rotted AIV box, I just don't get why it fills with water so easily. In this case the truck is only hard to start the first time after the stumble and die, then it runs funny with the symptoms mentioned but still warm starts better than any vehicle I've owned. Half a crank and it explodes to life. So far the issue has occurred twice, this most recent time it died, was hard to start, ran funny, and then worked itself out 15 minutes later. It currently starts and runs as normal but I'm just waiting for the next occurrence. I've read a little bit about the head temp sensor, but it doesn't match my symptoms exactly and I don't show a code for it.
  10. jjonez

    What's this thing?

    Side note: I pulled off the brand new air induction valve/air cleaner assembly and it already has collected A LOT of water in it after less than 700 miles. I'm already seeing some corrosion on the perforated metal filter backing. Is this just what these things do or am I missing something here? Possibly related to my current issue i.e. water getting sucked into the intake somehow?
  11. jjonez

    What's this thing?

    Welp, I guess the AIV wasn't the culprit and I'm looking at an intermittent issue. Today as I was creeping up the freeway on ramp in traffic the truck started to sputter then died. It cranked fine but wouldn't turn over. Luckily within a minute some good samaritans helped push it out of the way before my fellow commuters could get really pissed. After a loooong crank the engine finally caught but had the same issues stated earlier in the thread. Slightly higher idle, stumbling and almost stalling when tapping the throttle from idle or giving it heavier throttle while driving. After a bit more driving now of course it starts and runs fine. Which makes this way harder to figure out, but I'm guessing a fuel or air issue. Any suggestions on where to start? Thanks guys!
  12. Like how wheel lugs will say 87-108 lb ft? Yea it's just the torque range. Don't know about the studs, but if they're easy to remove and find new ones I'd say best to go for it.
  13. Dang, penetrating oil? Sorry that's all I got
  14. jjonez

    Coolant Leak

    I have the same leak as towndawg. Sometimes I get drips, sometimes there's just a residue coming down the right side of the bell housing, sometimes it just doesn't leak at all. It's weird how intermittent it is, I think I've only had to top up coolant once. Not worth fixing till I need a new clutch
  15. jjonez

    Thank You!

    Group hug!

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