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  1. I connected a uhaul trailer a few weeks back and after plugging it in (a second time) all my turn signals are out (first time it was break lights but it was a fuse). N dash lights, no clicking, all 4 indicators and nothing from the hazard switch either. Checked the fuse, all good, then I thought it had to be the relay, tried 2...nothing, changed the turn signal assembly, no luck. All other dash lights, electronics work that I can tell. I assume its gotta be a short...which I guess means taking the dash apart. Hoping someone might know of a common point for all the signals that I'm overlooking before disassemble things. Haynes manual says there's a second flasher unit above the steering column ('87 SE 5 speed) but no diagram...and I can't see one. Am I missing something? ...thanks to the forum for all your past help.
  2. It is the v6, 5 speed though. Haven't been driving too wild..not at all really. Only sign of the gas issue has been watching the gauge go from full to half after about 50 miles or so, all freeway. There are definitely oil leaks from the valve covers, need to replace those gaskets, but the gas leak (if there is one) is still a mystery. cant figure out where it's going.
  3. That would be great. I'll check the clamps. The gas tank area seems to be clear. I've tightened the valve covers down...I think there are other leaks coming from lower down..maybe a bit bigger leaks. I'm mystified where so much gas could be going, I think I'm getting like 8mpg. I'll trying pulling the hubs, hopefully those are the issue instead of something more serious. thanks for the advice.
  4. My '87 with 230K is having some serious troubles. It's leaking fuel. I put dye in the gas and I see a faint glow with the UV light on the front diff and area. there's a ton of oil there too, fuel and oil appear mixed. I can't tell exactly where the leak is though. It's had oil leaks for a while, no smoke from the exhaust though and no real drip marks under it...at least not much. I'm guessing the solution is gonna require an engine rebuild at least...maybe more? Does anyone know of a good mechanic in the SF bay area who could do the rebuild? On top of that I get a grinding sound after I put it in reverse something to do with the 4x4 (hubs, diff...?), only solution has been to shift it into 4 high and back into 2, after that it drives fine. love the truck and well...dropping $2-3K on the rebuild is still cheaper than a replacement. But opinions on how deep the cost could run or input is appreciated.
  5. Turns out it had been shifted into 4x4. Looking like a real novice for not checking that off the bat but at least I found the issue, thanks for input. Now the question is did anything get screwed up from it being on the freeway in 4 wheel drive. ...sonofa
  6. I didn't touch the wheel bearings and i don't think the mechanic did but i'll check.
  7. It is 4x4, however my light doesn't work, so hopefully the 4x4 shifter didn't get moved into gear. I was told a while back by my mechanic that a sping was broken in one of the hubs so he disengaged the 4x4 or it wouldn't engage until that was repaired. So I have no light to rely if in fact the 4wheel is still functional and can be engaged. I'll lift if up and check how the wheels spin with the T-Case lever forward (which I hope is where it currently is) and in different positions and see if anything changes. thanks for the input.
  8. I'm a newbie and searched the forums for an answer, hopefully i'm not overlooking it. I have an '87 pathfinder V6/ 5 speed. I recently put new brake pads on the front discs, and new shocks (kyb gas-a-just) all around. I'm maybe a 3 or 4 on mechanics knowledge so this work is about my skill limit right now, also pardon if I overlook or explain something incorrectly below. The ride was fine after I finished but when I turned back into the driveway the turn felt laborerd and the wheels came to a stop (only going ~2mph) like the locked up. I could gas through it but it sure doesn't feel right. The issue occurs when you turn over ~50% in either direction. My girlfriend drove it the other day and said she could hardly get it turn to park so she dropped it off at a garage mechanic I know. He said when he got it it was completely seized up, wouldn't roll down an incline in neutral even with the wheels straight. I'd never experienced this and it sounded strange. He said he bled the brakes adjusted the pedal linkage and and greased everything on the front brakes. I picked it up that night and it rolls fine going straight but still has the problem when it turns. I heard a slight grind from the right front pulling into the driveway this last time. I called him back and said the problem was still there, he said its normal on a hard turn because the 4wheel drive can affect but this wasn't that hard of a turn, and after 12yrs of driving her I know somethings off. I told him I would take a look at get back to him. Any one have ideas or suggestions on what to it could be or what I should check? thanks, and much appreciate the other info found.

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