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  1. Well that rules out u joints. I'd start with fluid & see what that does. Its probably due regardless. What does it do if you dpin it at the yoke?
  2. Thanks for the input, the same guy is selling the supercharged transmission & transfer case for only $500....I with that was around back when I did my swap. Do you think the extra work would justify the supercharged version, or if I do the swap, would you stick with the standard 3.3l? I'm still debating what to do, my 3.0 is running like a top, now up to almost 180 HP. & not sure if it would be worth the return; but it would be great to have the extra push.
  3. Whats cheap to you? How far are you willing to drive for it?
  4. I stumbled across a complete supercharged 3.3 I believe out of an '04 frontier. If I were to swap out my 3.0, is the supercharged a direct bolt in like the standard 3.3? Do I need the ECU or is it plug & play? I have a '01 Xterra transmission(non supercharged) currently behind my 3.0, will this work? Will I have to hunt down an '03-04 flex plate from a unit with a supercharged tranny to adapt it?
  5. This happened in my F350, I changed the fluid with a synthetic blend & LSD additive. I also change all the u-joints on the driveshaft for good measure(in case the noise was in the driveshaft). One of the two things fixed it.
  6. A pump up mandrel pipe bender from harbor freight is fairly cheap....also, earlier I forgot to mention a sheet metal break
  7. Angle grinders should be in every tool box, just as many uses as a drill! My rule on welders is if your new to it, get a wire feed(mig) & if it doesn't used compressed gas, its not strong enough for most jobs. A decent torch goes a long way too! Next most needed tool (besides safety equipment) is a drill press with a bunch of bits & hole saws(make sure to oil while cutting), a band saw, magnetic corners, pipe bender (pump up works, I got a hydraulic bender from a closed muffler shop, this often doubles as my vise & bearing press). A 3 lb. Cross peen hammer, bench vise, bench grinder is nice to have too.
  8. 24 mpg!!! That's incredible! What else have you done to push it that high??
  9. Most plugs come "pregapped" to the most common gap size. One plug may fit a dozen different vechiles, but not all will be gapped the same, so it will be gapped to fit the majority of them. For example, if it were to use a similar plug, the gap would be different on say a 4.6 Cadillac vs a 2.0 Malibu. In addition its always a good practice to regap them, I can't tell you how many times I've opened a spark plug box to find the end bent down due to poor handling from shipping. Its more common to have hard start or no start issues on cars that sit a long time, as softparts begin to dry rot & break down, thus not only not doing their intended job, but also clogging something along the system. Cleaning the throttle body may do wonders, its about a 5-10 minute one man job. Out of curiosity, not that I generally recommend it, but have you tried ether (starting fluid) or wd40(somewhat safer) to see if it fires below freezing?
  10. Cold & windy here in Nashville, TN. Currently 5F, -15C for y'all Canadians, -18F/-28C wind chill. Its too damn cold for the South! Al Gore lives about 5 miles from me, I want to go to his front door & tell him his global warming is a bunch of bs!
  11. I believe the what you are thinking of is the cross member is different holding the torsion bars. The torsion bars are closer to the center on a 2wd, which is why the aftermarket long headers are only designed for the 4wd, the won't fit between the trans pan torsion bars. Here's a short list of some of the obvious differences if swapping for stock 4wd, plus a lot more than what I can think of with rough junkyard pricing: 4wd tranny (400) or xterra tranny(650) Transfer case (150) Front axle (150) Crossmember & torsion bars (100) UCAS & lcas (150) All steering (150) Both driveshafts (200) Console (50) Front brakes (75) Not sure if the ecu is the same (~200) New bushings, fluids etc. (200) ...and probably 150 hrs of hard work. Of course, if you can fabricate, it would be cheaper & easier at that point to mount a sb v8 & change both axles(SAS). A 302, 305 or 350 with a set of Dana 44s or a 9" rear would be a pretty awesome setup on a pathfinder, nearly doubling power & probably better fuel economy. On the flip side you can pick up a fixer up driving 4x4 pathy for $1000-1500 & throw a few hundred(or thousands) dollars fixing it up how you like it. My $800 toy has become my $4000 daily driver.
  12. If its cranking, the starter is working. I assume an 88 is carberated, you might want to try cleaning the carb, if there is guck, it might not allow the choke or valves to open properly when gummed up below freezing. Bushnut is right on too, ethanol pull tons of moisture out of the air & is horrible for our engines. Try using additive such as heat or denatured alcohol, especially if its parked for some time. Also, for good measure, I whenever I have a reoccurring issue such as this, I'll run a can of seafoam through my fuel to knock some of the carbon out of my engine, or 6 oz. in my crankcase oil 200-500 miles before an oil change.
  13. It would be a whole lot of work & I think you'll have as much cash in parts as you will in buying a whole running & driving 4wd. With the 3 link rear, these trucks get surprisingly good grip in 2wd. If I were in your shoes, I'd get a taller rear spring, bring the front end up a little, put some chunky tires in the rear & a winch to be safe if your afraid of getting stuck; think of it as a prerunner. If you have an open differential, you can probably pick up one with a LSD out of a junkyard for $150. It would be really straight forward to do a full axle swap. I can get just about anywhere I want in mine in 2wd, as long as I avoid deep mud. If your carrying anything, first thing I would do is put a remote oil cooler on the transmission. The trans really heats up quickly with any trailer behind it or much of a load on it. Its probably the biggest weak link on these trucks & the most difficult thing to change out.
  14. I'm with ahardbody,I've never been a fan of general or cooper. The only general that I'd be interested in running is the red letter Grabber SRL.
  15. That's some dark tint! Do you rub at all when it flexes out? Notice any different fuel economy with the aggressive tread?
  16. I got my 33" LTX M/S2 set (dealer takeoffs) for $120/set. Yes, deals are out there, only typically when your not looking.
  17. As previously mentioned, check the wires & connection at the MAF, vacuum lines, etc. Its amazing how much can be fixed on these vehicles simply by wiggling wires. Also, run a can of seafoam through your gas to clean your injectors & clean the throttle body. Hopefully a little standard maintenance will correct this issue. Its idling, that's a big step, it helps rule a lot of other issues. Also, you can try to unhook the fuel line before the filter, have someone turn the key. Pump the gas into a clear bottle & make sure you have a steady flow with no bubbles coming through the line. I had an issue with my F350 where the fuel pickup fell off into the the tank & it would suck air at 1/2 tank, causing all kinds of issues.
  18. When you turn the key does it crank, click, make weird noises, etc? Check connection at battery, starter, alternator, etc. It could just be a poor loose connection or corrosion. The low draw coupled with the lower cold cranking amps of the battery may be the culprit. Will it jump start in the cold?
  19. That would be a great deal of work, besides finishing the back cab, at least shortening the bed, probably moving the rear axle, extending driveshafts, lines, etc. In addition the sloped bodyline behind the rear door would probably look odd. If its just a beat around vehicle, you could always cut out the rear window & back roof. I've seen a lot of people do this with Cherokees to make a little truck bed instead of the cargo space. I've seen some fully finished, some always open & a couple covered in the rear with a snap in style vinyl cover (similar to a boats windows)
  20. Maintaining parts is generally cheaper & easier than fixing broken parts.
  21. I've had pretty good longevity & overall good performance with nitto Terra grapplers and toyo open country on my diesel trucks. Both have an aggressive look, but also decent & quiet on the highway.
  22. BFG T/A are a classic that bites well, rides well & has a good treadlife. Also check out Kelly Safari TSR, surprisingly good tires for pretty cheap
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