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  1. Been awhile since i been on here and updated my pathy thread have calmini susp lift and new 33s. Ill try and get some pics and post them up in the next couple days

  2. Does anyone know if a nissan 720 pickup front frame is similiar to our 90s pathfinder? Im interested in a front brushguard off of one.

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    2. Trogdor636


      just the 87-92 brush guard would have to modified because of the bigger bumpers on the 93-95. So I cant imagine a 720 would be a direct fit.

    3. Balln


      Ok thanks guys. I went to kovemans house today and I think hes gonna sell me one of his winch bumpers off one of his pathys.

    4. Alkorahil


      Very close but I dont think close enough

  3. well wush me luck. plan to get my susp lift installed today.

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    2. Balln


      Well the rear is done but I wanna go 3" not the 1 1/2 I have. And front pas side upper balljoint nut wont come off. Just decided to pass on the front till I het the right coils.

    3. nismopathy93


      sas that thing man

    4. Balln


      Yeah I would like too but gotta finish my vw bug then its on to a 4dr hardbody.

  4. Another question I have is what exactly do I grease on the front control arm bushings? Between bushing and control arm, bushing and inner sleeve, sleeve and bolt?
  5. Ok cool. Yes I have a 3" body lift and the truck I pulled it from in the junk yard had the e brake drop brackets but didnt pull them. I made some when I installed the body lift but it didnt look right. Im pretty sure I still have them. And is there a certain torque for the control arm bolts? And I do plan on cranking the T-bars. Hopefully I wont run into the issue of needing longer bolts.
  6. So my calmini control arms came in and I have everything else for the lift. What am I looking for as far as time frame? I have the knowledge and tools to do the job. Im pretty sure where going wheeling in the next couple weekends and want to get it done before we go out. Any tips for the front end? So far I have the calmini upper arms with all new balljoints. Still have to order lowpro bump stops. Then I have JGC v8 springs (3" lift) that I have to cut to fit and for shocks my buddy found some that are a tad bit longer then the rancho ones for half the price (works at napa). And I have a stock pan hard bar bracket that im gonna use to make the 3"drop. Anything else im missing? Brakes lines? E-brake? Thanks guys Ryan
  7. After taking my 94 pathy to nissan for servicing acouple days after I get a letter in the mail wuth a fake check and a letter from a guy that works there wanting to buy my pathy. They offered me $1, 352 lol. saud I had till monday to respond or the deal was off.

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    2. 5523Pathfinder


      It was sales marketing. They got your info when you went in. It's pretty common practice. Ou have a older rig and are more likely to trade it in. Just toss or shred it.

    3. The_Magicians_Eye


      I'd still call and complain. Just to be an asshole after they insulted the value of your ride.

    4. Balln


      Yeah I was gonna call and see what all it was about. Im not selling my pathy. But was kinda a joke with that offer when I know I can get way more on craigslist. They would turn aroumd and put a 7k price tag on it lol.

  8. Welcome man. We have chatted on infamous a few times. Just like infamous there is a lot of great guys on here with @!*% load if info. Cant wait to see what you do what you do with the pathy.
  9. My wife bought me calmini upper A-arms for valentines day.

  10. Just seen in the free section where those brackets that we flip are up for grabs. I'm thinking that I may be able to modify those to get a better angle. Seeing how I think thats what is causing the bad angle. I could be wrong. But if I'm right I will make you a set for helping me out. Thinking I can move the whole over and weld up the rest and then clean them up and sand blast them.
  11. Ok cool I see what you did now. Yeah the top isn't that bad but im sure I can figure a way to get it looking factory. Thanks again for the help.
  12. Hey guys I have read somewhere awhile ago about flipping the stock brackets or swapping sides. After crawling under my pathy I don't see how that can be possible. Am I missing something?
  13. After a good hard scrub down on my chassie and drive train i found out i have a LSD rear end. HELL YEAH!!!!!!

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    2. Slartibartfast


      There's a breakaway spec somewhere (FSM probably) that'll say how much force it should take to move the clutches... jack up the back with the e-brake off (chock the front wheels!) and see if you can spin the left tire with the right one? Or just do a burnout on gravel and see if the tire tracks are the same length.

    3. Balln


      Lol burnout. I'm running brand new 33 12.5 Mud Terrains. I jacked the rear up and and couldn't turn the wheels at all when in park and then in neutral they both spun in the same direction.

    4. PHR


      I would like to say the same


  14. Other sites that I'm on you have to have a certain post count and be a member for so long. That way they don't just get on and start post whoreing.
  15. ^^^That's funny. Not the fact that your not winning its that people are changinfbthere votes. My vote is still with MR magician.

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