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  1. yeah i dont think the original poster knew it was a 3 speed. just re-searching around and saw this post and http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/27250-pathfinder-tranny-made-by-subaru/?hl=3n71b&do=findComment&comment=505469 thanks kingman for the good info
  2. what is the best upgrade option for us 3 speed autos? i would guess 5 speed manual?
  3. thanks guys, i was pretty sure it was but didnt want to be suprised at the end i think im going to grab it!
  4. sorry to bump an old thread, but instead of starting a new one.. could anyone confirm this brushguard being oem nissan? i plan to purchase but i cant find any good pics that prove it. i swear ive seen it before in a magazine ad or something online http://i48.tinypic.com/153tki9.jpg
  5. not sure if i should keep updating here.. but my newbie made it to nismo fiesta show in san antonio heres a few pics i wanted to share, the truck has been perfect so far took second place in "other" catagory, lost to a cube but i was the only pathy
  6. something weird about driving a truck thats been dead for 11 years note the polished wheels ;D
  7. hell yeah greg! i hope to get some beach shots this summer
  8. just a little update! got the truck running! sparkplugs, oil and gas in a fresh tank was all it took ive been driving her around short distances for the past few days, i guess i should get title done and insurance! thanks
  9. hahaha guys! have to make the best of what you have! im not painting my 2door's interior color, but the hardbody can be changed easy
  10. through my rapist red collecting, ive only seen two or three red interior pathys (square dash) and quite a few red interior trucks ordering a fuel tank this weekend! cheapest ive found was jegs or summit for 140ish shipped for a dorman tank
  11. i was looking around the forums last night and i couldnt find project build logs? i would really like to see some of the build ups around yesterday i changed the fuel filter and had the gas tank ordered woot! old optima battery is being babied at my local alternator shop here is my dash swapped hardbody, everything works except the speedo.. just havnt done the speed sensor yet custom pathy gate insert "rapist red pearl"
  12. i think it would be great in a 2door pathy, but the square dash still has sweet gauges, its vents and factory radio. stock red interior, 94+
  13. thanks for the warm welcome guys! im planning to do a poor mans resto on the pathy, keeping everything original looking ive debated doing a dash swap only because ive got a red/maroon round dash.. but ill get the truck running/legal first i was looking for a nissan beater so i can cut up the hardbody, but the beater is so nice i cant beat it up
  14. hello all npora! been browsing around awhile and decided to join in! my name is dustin, im a bodyman/painter by trade at a custom shop in san antonio texas. and i LOVE nissan d21s. fresh off clist is my 87 2door wd21! 600 bucks! i think i got pretty lucky, i plan to restore to orig. im in the prosess of doing a new fuel tank and sender, the truck has not ran since 2002 looking fwd to learning and chatting with you guys! i know everyone loves pics.. here is my daily, its a reg cab ive been wanting since i lost my first truck in highschool (avatar pic). proud member of infamousnissan.com on to the pathy! thanks for having me!

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